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The Voodoo pylon racer is probably the most complete and highest quality model we sell. It certainly looks the fastest, and may well be the speediest. The Voodoo is beautifully constructed, with an absolutely outstanding finish, attention to detail, and quality of design. The Voodoo is also blazingly fast, with its strong high aspect ratio wing, short nose (allowing heavier motors), large battery compartment, and excellent aerodynamic design.

The Voodoo flies exactly where you point it and is a very good first racer. With a hot setup the model can easily reach 260 Km/hr (160 mph) or more.

The perfectly molded glass fuselage has carbon reinforcement and the firewall, fin, and tailplane already fitted. The firewall already has the motor mounting holes drilled (on a 16mm PCD) and the ready-hinged elevator has the horn molded in, with a ball link fitted.

The flawless molded wing has a carbon spar, with gap sealed ailerons, and aileron torque rods installed. These have the balls secured on the end of the arms, to engage in the supplied control rod hardware, and ensure a totally slop free and geometrically correct linkage to the two aileron servos. This allows the ailerons to be drooped for landing, allowing the model to be landed easily at a reasonably low speed. The wing skin is a very rigid glass/balsa/glass sandwich with a substantial carbon spar.

The Voodoo is supplied with very high quality accessories including superb pushrods with ball links, and a clever mount for the elevator servo to easily facilitate installation in the rear of the fuselage. The only work required is fitting the motor and RC. The only gluing required is attaching the aileron servos. The racer can be completed in one or two lazy evenings.

Voodoo Specifications
Wing span0.84 m33.1 in
Wing area7.0 dm2109 sq in
Length55 cm21.7 in
Flying weight from400 g14.1 oz
Wing loading57.1 g/dm18.7 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio10.1
Wing airfoil7.5% proprietary
Spinner Diameter30 mm
Centre of Gravity38-41 mm from wing leading edge
ControlsAileron, elevator, throttle

Voodoo Typical Weights
Fuselage, fin, tailplane52 g1.8 oz
Wings87 g3.1 oz
Accessories5 g0.2 oz
Total structure144 g5.1 oz
Receiver6 g0.2 oz
Elevator servo5 g0.2 oz
Aileron servos10 g0.4 oz
Speed control25 g0.9 oz
Motor76 g2.7 oz
Prop & spinner11 g0.4 oz
Battery120 g4.2 oz
Wiring etc3 g0.1 oz
Flying weight400 g14.1 oz

Recommended Control Throws & Mixes
Elevator2.5 mm up, 2.5 mm down
Ailerons3.5 mm up, 3 mm down
Snap Flapfull up elevator -> 1 mm down flap
Landing modemotor off -> 3 mm down flap

Recommended Servos
ElevatorRipmax SD100KST X06KST X08MKS DS65KMKS DS75KMKS DS6100MKS HV6100Blue Bird BMS-101DMGBlue Bird BMS-101HVBlue Bird BMS-A10HBlue Bird BMS-126WVBlue Bird BMS-127WV
Ailerons (2 servos)Ripmax SD100KST X06KST X08NMKS DS65KMKS DS75KBlue Bird BMS-101DMGBlue Bird BMS-101HVBlue Bird BMS-A10S

Recommended Powertrains
125 mphMega 16/15/3, 4.7x4.7 35A ESC, 3S LiPo, 350W
130 mphMega 16/15/2, 4.7x4.7 50A ESC, 2S LiPo, 400W
150 mphMega 16/15/3, 4.1x4.1, 50A ESC, 4S LiPo, 500W
160 mphMega 16/15/2, 4.1x4.1 60A ESC, 3S LiPo, 600W
165 mphMega 16/20/2, 4.5x4.5 60A ESC, 4S LiPo, 650W

Max battery size:
3S 1.3Ah LiPo
4S 1Ah LiPo (usually made from two 2S packs)