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Fabricante: 3DHS

3DHS EDGE 540 74 RED R16026 30/35CC


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74" EDGE 540

Scott Stoops has delivered another outstanding Edge 540 design, this time in 74" wingspan for 26-35CC gas or 6S-8S Electric power, or even 1.50-2.10 glow.

This Edge takes its styling cues from the awesome pylon racing Edges of the last few seasons, but its aerodynamics are optimized for aerobatics and post-stall 3D flight. All of the features pilots have come to expect a Stoops design: low coupling, excellent harrier, crisp precision - they are all here in a fantastic looking and easy-to-assemble package.

Flying Video

Setup for video above: Hacker A50-12L motor on 8S 3850mah Lipo

The Edge uses 4 full size metal gear servos, plus a throttle servo if needed. A second elevator servo may also be installed to balance a very heavy gasoline engine. All ball-link hardware is included, along with carbon landing gear attached to a fiberglass/carbon reinforced plate, wing bags, genuine ultracote covering, carbon wing tube, locking hatch latch, carbon-reinforced fuselage, aluminum axles, carbon tail wheel, and more.

For gas power, the 74" Edge is set up for the DLE-30 engine, and includes a firewall-drilling template for that engine and uses the standoffs included with the latest version of the DLE-30 engine. If you are not using a DLE-30, you will have to supply the correct length standoffs and drill your firewall accordingly for your particular engine.

We recommend the DLE-30 Rear-Carb engine for this aircraft, with a 20x6 (or Vess 19A or 20A) prop.

The 74" Edge includes a generic fuel tank, but the FlowMaster tank is a great upgrade.

Center of Gravity range: 4.5" - 5.25", measured at the wing root


Wingspan: 74"

Length: 68"

Wing Area: 1000 Sq. Inches

Weight: 9.5-11 lbs.



25-35CC Gas (DLE-30 Recommended)

1.50-2.10 Glow (Mount not included in kit)

Gas Prop

20x6 Xoar Sword

Vess Aero 19A

Vess Aero 20A

Fuel dot or Fuel filler

Fuel line

Electric Motor

Xpwr 30cc with 12S 3300-3700 mAh 18x10, 19x8 or 20x8 prop

Hacker A50-12L with 6S 5000-5800 mAh 19x10 or 20x10 prop

Hacker A50-14L with 8S 3500-4400 mAh 18x8 or 19x8 prop

Hacker A60-6XS with 6S 5000-5800 mAh 20x10 prop

Hacker A60-5S with 8S 4000-5000 mAh 20x10 prop


Castle Creations Edge 100

Castle Creations Edge HV-80

Castle Creations Talon 90


QTY 4 Hitec HS-985MG (Good)
QTY 4 Hitec HS-5565MH (Better)
QTY 4 Hitec HS-5585MH (Better)
QTY 4 Hitec HS-7985MG (Better)
QTY 4 Hitec HS-7955TG (Best)

QTY 1 standard throttle servo if needed. NOTE: Mini-servos have a short life span as throttle servos in this application, use with caution.


QTY 2 24" Elevator and Rudder

QTY 2 12" Ailerons

QTY 2 4-6" Ailerons (receiver side)

QTY 1 18" Throttle servo