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Fabricante: GREAT PLANES

Great Planes Avistar Elite RTF GPMA1605


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 This is the Radio Controlled, Glow or Electric Powered, Ready to Fly Avistar Elite from Great Planes.

Ideal step up from a flat bottom wing trainer, or suitable as a first airplane with the help of an instructor.

Requer para completar o kit: 

Fuel: Airplane blend with 5%-20% nitromethane OR, if electric power is desired,

RimFire .46 (42-60-800) outrunner brushless motor, GPMG4725, this motor includes a mount and prop adapter

 ESC: 60A brushless compatible (GPMM1850) if using motor listed above

 Battery: 5-6S LiPo

 Battery Charger: Compatible with selected LiPo

 LiPo charging bag

 Propeller: Compatible with selected motor

 Building and field equipment

Características: Construction: Balsa and ply

Wing: Two-piece with aluminum joiner tube, optional flaps

 Aileron Control: Dual servo

Covering: Top Flite MonoKote

Fuel Tank: Approximately 8oz (240cc)

Radio: Tactic TTX600 6-channel 2.4GHz, with trainer system and four standard servos

 Engine: O.S. .46AXII AB with muffler

Engine Mount: Aluminum with with rubber isolation boots

Propeller: 12x5

Spinner: 2.5" (63.5mm) diameter red plastic

Landing Gear: Prebent aluminum with two 2.5" (64mm) main foam wheels and 2" (51mm) nose wheel

Inclui: RTF Avistar Elite, O.S. .46AXII AB Engine with Muffler, Prop, 2.4GHz

Radio System w/four standard Servos, eight AA Batteries, Spinner, and Instruction Manual


Especificações:    Wingspan: 62.5" (1590mm)

          Wing Area: 672 in sq (43.3sq dm)

          Wing Loading: 22-24 oz sq/ft (67-73 g sq/ft)

          Weight: 6.5-7lbs (2950-3170g)

          Length: 55" (1395mm)

          Airfoil: Semi-symmetrical

          Center of Gravity (CG): 3-5/16" (84mm) back from the leading edge of

            the wing at the fuselage

          Control Throws           Low Rate                High Rate

           Elevator             5/16" (8mm) 11°         7/16" (11mm) 16°

           Rudder               1/2" (13mm) 13°         7/8"  (22mm) 22°

           Ailerons             3/8" (10mm) 11°         9/16" (14mm) 17°