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BH Su26M 68 30CC Gas ARF 159598


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Wing span: 1730 mm.

Total Length: 1620 mm.

Weight: 5600 g.

Wing construction: CNC cut Balsa Ribs.

Fuselage construction: CNC cut Balsa Ribs. 

Stabilizer/Fin construction: Balsa.

Finishing (Fuselage): OracoverTM covered.

Finishing (Wing): OracoverTM covered.

Propeller (recommend): 1 x 2-Blade propeller.

Motor (recommend): 1 x combustion engine 30 – 35cc.

Transmitter (recommend): 6-Ch. 2.4GHz Radio System.

Receiver (recommend): 6-Ch. 2.4GHz Receiver.

Servo (recommend): 6 x servos.

Battery (recommend): Receiver Battery.

Product Information:

SU-26M 30-35cc ARF is a Scale RC Airplane from Black Horse for intermediate to advanced Pilots.The fuselage is constructed by CAD design Laser cut Balsa-wood and covered by OracoverTM and it has a fiberglass Engine-cowl. The  wings, horizontal  and vertical stabilizer are constructed by CAD design Laser cut Balsa-wood and covered by OracoverTM. Black Horse SU-26M 30-35cc flies stable and agile and it is designed for outdoor flying.This ARF RC airplane comes with 70% Ready To Fly with Clear Canopy, main landing-Gear and steerable tail landing-gear, 2 main and one tail wheels, Control-horns, pushrods, links, Spinner, small accessories and Fuel tank.


1 x Black Horse Su-26M, Colour: orange.

All Pushrods, Control Linkages, Hinges, Screws, Nuts and Bolts. 

1 x set main landing gear.

1 tail landing gear steerable.

2 x 55mm main wheels.

1 x 25mm tail wheel.

1 x Spinner.

1 x fibreglass cowls. 

1 x clear canopy.

1 motor bracket.

1 x fuel tank.

1 x decal set.

1 x Manual.

Recommended products:

6-Ch. 2.4GHz Computer Radio System.

6-Ch. 2.4GHz Receiver.

1 x combustion engine 30 – 35cc.

6 x servo.

1 x 2-blade propeller.

1 x Receiver Battery.