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Fabricante: TOP FLITE

Top Flite Giant F4U Corsair Gas ARF 50-55cc,86.5


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U$ 999.00

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Prebuilt of balsa, ply and aluminum, the center wing section is a masterpiece of ease and engineering.

wing construction cutaway
flaps & ailerons
  • The Corsair’s trademark “gull” shape is reproduced at the factory, eliminating hours of building work.

  • Reinforced mounts for Robart® retractable landing gear are built into the inner wing panel. That way, the main gear remain in place when outer panels are moved, and provide an easy way to “walk” the fuselage to and from the field.

  • The prehinged flaps on the center section and outer panel are linked with a phenolic tab. Once linked, the flaps in both panels work as one surface and require only one servo in each wing half.

  • The flaps, ailerons and elevators are prehinged to reduce build time.

replica radial engine
Hidden mounting screws secure the painted fiberglass cowl, leaving the scale outline clean and untouched. Details include molded-in panel and flap lines on the cowl, plus a replica radial complete with pushrod tubes and spark plug wires. A 2-piece aluminum spinner hub — usually an expensive aftermarket extra — is included, for extra value and enhanced appearance.
cockpit interior
The Corsair’s cockpit interior includes a detailed instrument panel with recessed gauges. Add the pilot figure of your choice and you’re ready for action.
removable fiberglass tail cone
A removable fiberglass tail cone fairing offers effortless scale looks and easy access to tail control linkages.
landing gear
Scale pluses also include strut covers for the main gear, tailwheel doors that open and close and wheels for both.
scale details MonoKote finish
The Corsair is fully sheeted, with flat finish MonoKote and painted fiberglass parts to create a seamless scale appearance. Matte finish decals add authentic markings and insignia.
radio compartment
The radio compartment has ample room for the radio and retract gear, as well as the hands that install them.
Engine and muffler
The cowl is easily removable and offers ample room for many 50-55 cc gas engines and mufflers.