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Hobbico Avião NexSTAR 46 Select 4-Channel RTF 68.75inch HCAA17**


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NexSTAR Select Ready-to-Fly .46 Radio-Controlled Model AirplaneThe ultimate R/C flight training machine.Absolutely the best way to learn to fly!

This is the radio controlled, glow powered, Ready-To-Fly, Hobbico NexSTAR Select .46 trainer airplane.
For Beginner Modeler/Fliers.

With such features as AFS (Active Flight Stabilization), SpinControl
Airfoil Extensions, SpeedBrakes Training Flaps and much more,
no other trainer offers so much help for the first-time pilot.

In addition to the airplane, radio, and engine, this package also includes
a RealFlight NexSTAR Windows PC disc with transmitter interface
to use with the included Futaba radio allowing the modeler to
practice and perfect their skills without risking the airplane.

Windows XP, 2000, Me or 98 Second Edition
**NOT Compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7**
NOTE: Window 98 First Edition is not supported with the NexSTAR
simulation software
Intel Pentium 300 Processor or equivalent
3D accelerated video card with 8MB (or more) RAM

Intel Pentium 600 or equivalent
STRONG RECOMMENDATION of 3D accelerated video card with 16MB (or more) RAM

NOTE: The NexSTAR disk included in this kit is NOT compatible with
any version of the RealFlight Add Ons Volumes.




Construction: Balsa and plywood
Wings: CenterCore Molded Composite Main Wing Rib maintains perfect
alignment and includes a built-in aileron servo mount, wing halves
are joined with a steel rod.
Flat bottom high mount configuration
One-piece, all wood precision airfoil with SpinControl Airfoil
Extensions provide lift even in a stall to keep the NexSTAR level
and the pilot in control.
PivotFlex Wing Mounting System fastens with one nylon bolt, a
rubber retainer and pivoting channel absorb minor jolts of
normal use, more severe jolts cause the wing to separate from the
fuselage and escape the full force of impact.
Airspeed Restrictor: SpeedBrakes Training Flaps attach to forward
section of wing near fuselage and hold airspeed to a minimum to
insure smooth landings, removeable as pilot skills increase
Covering: Polyester based heat shrink, color scheme is White and Red
with Silver accents. True Red TOPQ0227
Engine: Pre-installed O.S. Max .46AX (7.5cc) with High-Speed
Needle Valve extender/limiter that limits the movement of the
High-Speed Needle to prevent engine from being run too lean.
Engine is mounted on IsoSmooth Mount to isolate airframe and
radio gear from damaging vibration
Radio: Futaba 4YBF 4-channel FM radio with(micro) square trainer port
AFS (Active Flight Stabilization) that actively searches for any
signs of instability and takes immediate action to correct them.
This system uses on-board electronic sensors that detect
instability-just release the sticks and AFS does the rest.
Sensitivity is adjustable as pilot gains flight skills.
Landing Gear: Duraluminum SnapGear Quick Landing Gear Mounts (US
Patent #6,886,780) lock in place with a snap and provide the
strongest landing gear of any trainer, also easily removeable
Aileron Control: Single standard size servo, wings are built with
dual aileron servo trays for future upgrades as skills increase,
can also be equipped with flaps
Tail Mounting: EasyAlign System guides parts into place automatically
in perfect alignment without tools
Propeller: 11x5 nylon, black in color with painted tips to aid
visibility-available separately, HCAA3744
Building Time: Ready to fly in only 20 minutes

The NexSTAR also carries the Success Flight Guarantee which states"
"You will successfully learn how to fly with the NexSTAR or we will
replace it with your choice of any Hobbico trainer of up to equal
value." The terms are as follows:

- Must fly at an AMA chartered field
- Must fly with a qualified AMA club instructor
- Must be within 60 days of purchase date
- Must provide a statement about the crash with signatures from the
pilot and instructor

The Success Flight information is covered on pg 27 of manual.



Pre-built and covered wings, fuselage and tail assemblies,
2-56 threaded pushrods in lengths of 31", 31", 17", 15" (GPMQ3716)
pre-bent main landing gear with three 2¾" (70mm) foam main
wheels, steerable nose gear, IsoSmooth aluminum and rubber engine
mount, 9.1oz (270cc) fuel tank, 2¼" (57mm) plastic spinner
glow plug, 11x5 nylon propeller, RealFlight NexSTAR disc with
transmitter interface, O.S. Max .46 AX engine, Futaba 4YBF
4-ch radio system with Tx battery (FUTM1440) Rx battery (FUTM1295)
Charger (FUTM1830),AFS Dual Conversion Receiver,linkages, and
and photo-illustrated instructions.



Model airplane fuel
Building and Field Equipment
Charging Rx and Tx batteries with included charger for 12 hours each



Degrees Incidence: Engine Thrust: 5° rightWingspan: 68.75" (1746mm)
Wing Area: 722 sq in (46sq dm)
Weight: 6.5lb (2930g) Ready To Fly
Wing Loading: 21 oz/sq ft (63g/sq dm)
Length: 56" (1420mm)
Airfoil: High-Wing
Center of Gravity: 3-3/16" (81mm) forward limit
3-9/16" (90mm) aft limit from the wing's leading
edge at the fuselage sides
Control Throws-
Elevator: Up & Down ½" (13mm)
Rudder: Right to Left ¾" (19mm)
Ailerons: Up ½" (13mm) Down 3/8" (9mm)

Stabilizer: 0°
Wing: -2°