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Fabricante: O.S. ENGINES

O.S. GGT15 Gasoline/Glow Ignition Engine


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The convenience of glow in a gasoline engine.

Glow plug ignition makes the GGT15 a unique 15cc gasoline engine – its performance is the icing on the cake! Glow plug ignition makes it much easier to start up the GGT15, and there's no ignition module required! Additional features you'll find on this exceptional engine include specialized shell-type roller bearings and a 61H carburetor with PD-8 pump system. It's the perfect power plant for larger, .60-.91 class models.

Glow plug ignition

Simple glow driver starts

Simple 50:1 fuel oil mix ratio

61H carb with PD-8 pump

Shell-type roller bearings

Ideal for 2-stroke .60 class and 4-stroke .91 class models


Notes from our tech department:

This is the Gasoline Powered GGT15 Engine w/E4040 Muffler from O.S. Engines.


Ideal for larger 2-stroke .61-.91 class models, and 4-stroke .91 class models

Starts easily using a glow driver and glow plug-eliminates ignition module and reduces weight

61H carburetor with PD-08 pump system

Shell type roller bearings

Two year limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date of purchase



GGT15 Engine w/E4040 Muffler, #G5 Glow Plug and Instructions



Fuel: Gasoline and 2-cycle oil in a 50:1 mixture

Propeller depending on aircraft: Sport,13x8-11

Acro, 14x8-10

Scale, 15x6-8

Glow starter & field equipment



Displacement: 0.912 cu in (14.95cc)

Bore: 1.091" (27.7mm)

Stroke: 0.976" (24.8mm)

Practical RPM Range: 2,000-11,000

Output: 2.35 ps/2.32 hp @ 15,000 RPM

Weight: Engine, 21.5oz (610g) Muffler, 6.28oz (178g)

Distance between Mounting Hole Centers Same Side: 0.98" (25mm)

Distance between Mounting Hole Centers Opposite Side: 2.04" (52mm)

Width at Mounting Tabs: (61mm)

Width of Crankcase below Mounting Tabs: 1.7" (44mm)

Width from Crankcase Center to Exhaust Outlet: 4.4" (112.3mm)

Height/bottom of Mounting Tabs to Muffler Bottom: 1.5" (37.6mm)

Length/Crankcase Center to Drive Washer: 2.6" (66.8mm)

Length/Crankcase Center to end of Crankshaft: 4.03" (102.6mm)

Length from Pump to end of Crankshaft: 5.6" (142mm)

Crankshaft Size: UNF 5/16-24

Rearward Needle Valve Angle Relative to Engine: 30°

Needle Valve Adjustment;

Gradually open throttle fully when engine is started.

Close needle valve 30-45° increasing RPM

When RPM starts decreasing, close needle valve 60-90°, then open slowly 15° per second as RPM increases

Open needle valve 90° further from point where max RPM is obtained

Fly model until running in is completed (10 tanks of fuel)

After running in is completed, set idle around 3000RPM

Stop engine, close mixture control valve 15°, note idling RPM

90° opened position from where max idling RPM is obtained is optimum mixture control valve position

Mixture Control Valve Position;

Never try to adjust until needle valve adjustment is performed

Open mixture control valve one turn (360°), open & close a few times to be sure there is no resistance during throttle movement

Close mixture control valve 30°

Rotate throttle until resistance is felt when opening throttle from closed position

Open mixture control valve approximately 90° from this point-this is the initial mixture control valve position