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Join the aerobatics air force!

The T-34 Mentor is a single engine propeller driven aircraft. The plane was first introduced to the military around the late 1940s as a trainer aircraft. The new Phoenix Model T-34 is a great choice for scale model enthusiasts. Fuselage, wings and tails are made from quality balsawood. The traditional laser cut wood construction throughout replicates the build lines of this famous classic aircraft. All are engineered and crafted to exacting standards and feature the finest components and materials.

GP/EP compatible.

Covered in high-quality film.

Superb flying characteristics.

Accurate, recognizable scale outline.

Lightweight fiberglass cowl.

High-quality hardware.


Phoenix Models T-34 Mentor GP/EP/Gas ARF - radio hatchRemovable radio hatch


Phoenix Models T-34 Mentor GP/EP/Gas ARF - cockpit

Detailed scale cockpit


Phoenix Models T-34 Mentor GP/EP/Gas ARF - landing gear

Retractable landing gear with CNC suspension struts


Phoenix Models T-34 Mentor GP/EP/Gas ARF - Wing

Functional panel flaps


Notes from our tech department:

This is the Radio Controlled, Gasoline, Glow, or Electric Powered, ARF 1/5 scale Phoenix Model T34 Mentor Scale Military Airplane.

For Intermediate Modeler/Fliers.



Construction: Laser cut balsa and plywood

Wing: 2 piece w/all wood construction, ailerons pre-installed

Covering: Hangar 9 UltraCote

Radio Compartment: Plywood reinforced

Cowling: Pre-painted Fiberglass

Canopy: Clear with painted-on frame lines

Spinner: 2.3" (58mm)

Landing Gear: Mechanical retracts with CNC suspension metal struts

Wheels: Two main foam foam main, one --" (--mm) nose wheel

Aileron Control: Dual servo

Fuel Tank: Pre-assembled stopper, approximately 10oz (300cc)

Warranty Period: 90 Day Limited Warranty



Preassembled Wing, Fuselage and Tail Sections, Landing Gear, Pilot Figure, Spinner, Decals and Instruction Manual



Engine: .61 - .91 2-stroke

For Gasoline operation:

Engine: 15-20cc

For Electric Operation:

Brushless Motor: Rimfire 80

Electronic Speed Control: 60-100A

Propeller: 12x6 - 13x4

LiPo Battery: 6S-10S up to 4000 - 5500mAh

Radio: 6-channel

Servos: Eight standard (2-aileron; 2-flap; 1-elevator; 1-rudder; 1-steering nose, 1 throttle; and 3 retract gear)

Servo Extension:

Y-Harness: Two (one for ailerons, one for elevator)

Receiver Battery: 4.8-6V 2000 mAh NiMH

Misc. Items: 1/4" foam rubber padding, medium fuel tubing, propeller, building and field equipment.



Wingspan: 63.8" (1620mm)

Weight: 10.1 - 11lb (4600 - 5000g)

Length: 52.2" (1327mm)

Wing Area: 224 sq in (14.5 sq dm)

Wing Loading: 35.72 oz sq/in (109g sq/dm)

Wing Type: NACA Airfoil

Center of Gravity: 4-1/2" (115mm) Back from the wing's leading edge

Control Throws- High Rate Low Rate

Elevator: 0.31" (8mm) 12% expo 0.39" (10mm) 12% expo

Rudder: 0.79"(20mm) 15% expo 1.2" (30mm) 15% expo

Ailerons: 0.35" (9mm) 10% expo 0.43" (11mm) 10% expo

Control Throw Flap: 15-20mm down