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Fabricante: HOBBICO

Hobbico Avião Hobbistar 60 MkIII ARF .61,71inch HCAA2125


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Quicker assembly, bigger size and awesome flying potential!

If you're searching for a trainer that's easy to spot in the sky and flies well even at low speeds, look no further! Hobbico's 90% prebuilt Hobbistar 60 MKIII is the one. The semi-symmetrical airfoil of its nearly 6-foot wing gives you the chance to branch out and learn basic aerobatics... without giving up a trainer's confidence-boosting stability. The Hobbistar 60 MKIII AWARF (All Wood, Almost Ready-to-Fly) construction offers a big head start toward hitting the air. The hard work of assembly has been done: Main structures have already been built and covered with a durable iron-on covering. In fact, no covering application tools or skills are needed, so you can concentrate on gaining and expanding your piloting techniques!

  • A generous hardware package is included, with wheels, fuel tank, adjustable engine mount, pushrods, and spinner. You only add the engine, radio, adhesives, and field box accessories.

  • With its large, nearly 6-foot wingspan, the model is easy to see in the air and flies well at low speeds to increase confidence at the controls.

  • The semi-symmetrical airfoil adds the potential for performing basic aerobatic maneuvers, without sacrificing the stable comfort of a trainer.



Engine: .61 (10cc) (2-stroke) or .91 (15cc) (4-stroke)
Muffler: Standard (Engine mounts in an upright position)
4 Channel
Servos: 4 Standard (1-Aileron, 1-Elevator, 1-Throttle, 1-Rudder)
Servo Extension 6": 1 (Futaba radios usually include this)
Misc. Items: Glow plug, 1/4" foam rubber padding, medium fuel tubing,
fuel filter, propeller, building, and field equipment.


The wire landing gear simply plugs into the bottom of the Hobbistar MKIII's fuselage. It's held in place by landing gear straps which fasten into predrilled holes.


The Hobbistar MKIII combines prebuilt convenience with the all-wood quality of a kit. The construction method increases durability and makes the Hobbistar much easier to repair than most ARFs. Major sections arrive already covered with multi-color graphics for a bright, attention-getting trim.



Items needed to convert this plane to electric
Motor ESC Power/Battery Aeronaut Prop APC Prop Gear Drive Drive Set
FUN480-33 (KONG2040)
Jazz 40-6-18 (KONM3100)
Smile 40-6-12 (KONM3020)
35A at 10 cells (12.0V) 12.5 x 7" 12 x 8E (APCQ4133) KPG25 4.2:1 (KONG2542) Brushless Set 480 (KONG5020)
FUN480-33 (KONG2040)
Jazz 40-6-18 (KONM3100) 37A at 12 cells (14.4V) 12 x 6" 12 x 6E (APCQ4130) KPG25 4.2:1 (KONG2542) Brushless Set 480 (KONG5020)