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Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane RTF w/Aero Sport 2.4G PH022RTF


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In the early 1950s, with Cold War tensions on the rise, the U.S. military required better strategic reconnaissance to help determine Soviet capabilities and intentions. It was thought an aircraft that could fly at 70,000 feet would be beyond the reach of Soviet fighters, missiles, and even radar. Phase 3 bring the iconic U2 spyplane to life in a high performance EDF that represents outstanding value. Manufactured from lightweight foam, in almost ready to fly format so you’ll be ready for your first exciting mission in no time!

This model comes with the Aero-Sport 5 Channel Radio. It comes from the factory with three servos already installed, together with a factory fitted brushless motor, fan and ESC so there is very little work required to complete.

Flying the U-2 Spyplane

The Phase 3 U-2 Spyplane is essentially a powered glider and it can be flown in a very scale-like manner. While it is not suitable for beginners, it does make a very good second aileron model. With the assistance of a helper, switch on the transmitter, then connect a fully charged Li-Po battery. Refit the canopy and check the control throws. If there is any wind, ask you helper to point the model into it. Open the throttle fully, then have your helper launch the U-2 slightly nose down with a firm push keeping the wings level. Allow the model to fly straight and continue to hold the power on until sufficient height has been gained.

The U-2 is best flown smoothly, trading height for speed for gentle aerobatic manoeuvres. The wings will flex in flight - as did the fullsize - but you should avoid pulling very high G manouevres when flying at full speed or after a steep dive to avoid over-stressing the airframe.

Landing presents no difficulties and the U-2 can be simply lined up into the wind and the motor power reduced until the model settles into its glide path. Once landed, please unplug and remove the Li-Po battery from the model and allow it to cool completely before recharging.

Specifications AND Features:

  • Wingspan: 1,690mm (66 1/2 Inches)
  • Length: 1,030mm (40 1/2 Inches)
  • Simple and Quick to Assemble
  • Durable, Lightweight Factory-Moulded Foam Airframe
  • No Glue Required!
  • Realistic Stealth Colour Scheme
  • Easy Access to Battery Via Large Canopy
  • Custom, Powerful Brushless Motor Included
  • High Performance Fan Unit Included
  • Li-Po Battery and Charger Included
  • 3 x Factory Fitted Servos
  • Smooth, Fast and Stable Flying