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Fabricante: TOP FLITE

Top Flite P-40 Warhawk Giant Scale ARF 86' TOPA0705


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P-40 Warhawk
Almost Ready-to-Fly Giant Scale Model

P-40 Warhawk

When Tigers ruled the skies.

Made famous by Colonel Claire Chennault's "Flying Tigers" squadron at the onset of World War II, the P-40 Warhawk had one of the most impressive kill-to-loss ratios of any Allied fighter plane. Equally impressive is Top Flite's IMAA-legal replica of the P-40, which utilizes Gold Edition engineering to capture the exciting details of this revered warbird in a great-flying ARF!
  • Built-up balsa and ply airframe with fiberglass cowl, belly pan and landing gear pods.

  • Exceptional scale flight characteristics using affordable and easy-to-maintain 43-55 cc gasoline engines.

  • Many scale touches that you won't find on any other giant-scale P-40 ARF!
Gold Edition



P-40 Warhawk

Top Flite's Giant Scale P-40 Warhawk is modeled after a restored full-size P40E owned and flown by Rudy Frasca of Frasca International in Urbana, Illinois.
detailed cockpit

The cockpit detail and instrumentation is just as you would find in a full-size P-40 Warhawk is included in this model.
tail section

Stab halves assemble with self-aligning aluminum mounting tubes, and all control surfaces except the rudder are pre-hinged to speed up final assembly.
fiberglass cowl

The fiberglass cowl captures the lines of the P-40 perfectly. The iconic "shark mouth" nose art is painted on, and the exhaust ports are already in place. A scale-shaped, painted aluminum spinner is included.
Robart retracts

Heavy-duty fixed landing gear is included with this model. For the ultimate in authenticity, optional Robart® retract gear can also be installed. The gear bolts easily into place following the instructions provided in the model's assembly manual.
wing cutaway

The wings are reinforced to help the landing gear withstand the impact of a less-than-perfect touchdown.
ribbed split flaps

Close attention to detail is evident in the split flaps, which are ribbed just like on the full-size P-40.

The Flying Tigers was the most popular P-40 trim scheme, and it has been faithfully reproduced on this ARF using flat finish MonoKote® covering on the built-up balsa and ply sections and paint on the fiberglass parts.
P-40 Warhawk in action P-40 Warhawk in action P-40 Warhawk in action

The airfoil of this P-40 Warhawk model has been designed to virtually eliminate tip stalls – a problem usually associated with warbird models – so that with the flaps deployed it's relatively easy to land.

Please note: all recommendations were the best choices available at the time of product release. Please check with your dealer for additional choices.

DLEG0055 DLE Engines DLE-55cc Gasoline Engine
FJIG0144 Fuji-Imvac™ BT-43EI-2 43cc Gasoline Engine
FUTL7639 Futaba® R6008HS 8-Channel 2.4GHz FASST™ Receiver
FUTM0102 Futaba S9402 High-Speed BB Servo (6)
FUTM0075 Futaba S9001 Coreless BB Servo (3)
FUTM4385 Futaba Heavy-Duty Switch Harness (2)
FUTM1285 Futaba 1500mAh NiCd Receiver Battery (or equivalent)
HCAM2721 Hobbico® 24" (610 mm) Pro Series HD Servo Extension (2)
HCAM2711 Hobbico 12" (305 mm) Pro Series HD Servo Extension (5)
GPMM1100 Great Planes® Large Scale 1" Single Side Servo Arm (2)
GPMM1110 Great Planes Large Scale 2" Single Side Servo Arm
JTCG1035 J'TEC Radiowave Muffler

Wingspan: 86 in (2185 mm)
Wing Area: 1262 in² (81.4 dm²)
Weight: 23-24 lb (10.4-10.8 kg)
Wing Loading: 42-44 oz/ft² (128-134 g/dm²)
Length: 72 in (1830 mm)
Requires: minimum 5-channel radio with fixed landing gear (9-channel or greater recommended) with 9 servos, 43-55 cc gasoline engine.
Please consult your dealer or the instruction manual for recommended products


  This is the radio controlled, glow or gasoline powered, almost ready to fly
                      Giant P-40 Warhawk from Top Flite.

FEATURES: Construction: Balsa & ply and fiberglass Wing: One-piece Aileron Control: Dual servo with dual servo flap control Cowl: Painted fiberglass Canopy: Clear with painted-on frame lines, detailed cockpit with instrumentation Spinner: Aluminum 5.5" (140mm) diameter, painted red Covering: Matte finish MonoKote Landing Gear: Heavy duty fixed, 5" (127mm) diameter main foam wheels, 1-1/2" (38mm) foam tailwheel **Robart makes a set of giant scale 100° rotating retracts for this model ROBQ1665, see COMMENTS Fuel Tank: 24oz (720cc), approximate Building Time: Ready to fly in several hours Warranty: Top Flite Models guarantees this kit to be free of defects in material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any component parts damaged by use or modification.

INCLUDES: Pre-built fuselage wing and tail assemblies, decals, landing gear, wheels, spinner, hardware package, fuel tank, cockpit detail and photo-illustrated instruction manual

REQUIRES: Engine: 2.6 - 3.3 cu in (43 - 55cc) gasoline or glow, (the DLE 55 DLEG0055, or the Fuji-Imvac 43 EI FJIG0134 are recommended and the P40 Warhark provides specific instructions and hardware for the mounting of these engines. Modifications may be needed if mounting other engines. See COMMENTS Muffler: To match selected engine, J'TEC makes a muffler (JTCG1040) specifically for use with this airplane and the DLE 55 engine Radio: At least 5-channel, 6-channel needed if installing retractable landing gear Servos: Nine, all control surfaces require high-torque servos, servos with 40 oz-in of torque can be used for throttle, choke and air valve Heavy Duty 24" (310mm) Servo Extensions: Two for ailerons Heavy Duty 12" (305mm) Servo Extensions: Five, two for flaps, two for elevator, one for rudder Y-Harnesses: One each for aileron, flaps & elevator Receiver Battery: At least 1500mAh Heavy Duty Switch Harness: Two Charge Receptacle: Two Servo Arms: Two 1", one 2" Building and Field Equipment

SPECS: Wingspan: 86" (2,185mm) Wing Area: 1,262in² (81.4dm²) Weight: 23-24lb (10.43-10.88kg) Wing Loading: 42-44oz/ft² (128-134g/dm²) Length: 72" (1,830mm) Airfoil: Semi-symmetrical Center of Gravity (CG): 5.5" (140mm) back from the leading edge of the top of the wing on both sides of the fuselage Control Throws- Low Rate High Rate Elevator Up & Down: 3/4" (19mm) 10° 1" (25mm) 13° Rudder Right to Left: 1" (25mm) 9° 1-7/8" (48mm) 18° Ailerons Up & Down: 3/4" (19mm) 13° 1" (25mm) 18° Flaps: 2-1/2" (64mm) 36°

COMMENTS: If modeler is using the DL-55cc engine, the stock muffler will not fit in the cowling and the J'TEC Pitts Wraparound Muffler (JTCG1035) must be used for a clean installation.

If modeler is installing the giant scale 100° rotating retracts, the following items are required; #157VR Large Air Control Kit, ROBQ2305 #169 Pressure Tubing 10' ROBQ2369 #160LWC LH Offset Pneumatic Tail Wheel, ROBQ2225

Following are the colors of Top Flite MonoKote used to cover this model and the order numbers for 6" rolls; Flat Olive Drab, TOPQ0510 Flat Dove Gray, TOPQ0511 Flat Tan, TOPQ0516 Missile Red, TOPQ0201 Flat Black, TOPQ0508