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Thunder Tiger 1/8 Tomahawk XL Mini Nitro 2.4GHz RTR 6723-F271


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This is the 2.4GHz Radio Controlled, Glow Powered, Ready to Run, 1/8 Scale

        Tomahawk XL Rally Car with Mini Cooper Body from Thunder Tiger.


FEATURES: Chassis: 0.12" (3mm) thick anodized aluminum

          Drive: Four wheel shaft driven

          Engine: Pro-18BX (3.0cc) with ABC liner construction and pull starter

          Exhaust: Polished aluminum tuned pipe

          Radio: 2.4GHz Ace Cougar P2 with programmable fail safe,

            throttle/brake ATV, and metal gear/ball bearing equipped steering


          Brake: Heavy duty fiberglass disc

          Transmission: Single speed

          Suspension: Double wishbone with ultra long racing suspension arms

          Tires: On-road treaded rubber 1.6" (40mm) wide, 4" (102mm) diameter

          Wheels: Plastic, white in color, 1.6" (40mm) wide, 3" (76mm) diameter

          Shocks: Oil filled aluminum body

          Differentials: Bevel gear

          Fuel Tank: (75cc)

          Body: Mini Countryman WRC, prepainted and decaled with rear wing

          Clutch: Two shoe composite

          Clutch Bell: 14 tooth steel

          Spur Gear: 45 tooth composite

          Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the

            front suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation

            to the chassis

          Camber: Adjustable front and rear, camber refers to the angle

            of the tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or

            behind vehicle

          Warranty: Thunder Tiger guarantees this car to be free from defects

            in both material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover any

            components damaged by use or modification. A part or parts missing

            from the kit must be reported within 60 days of purchase. No part

            or parts will be sent under warranty without proof of purchase



INCLUDES: Tomahawk XL Rally Car with Mini Cooper Body, .18 Engine with Pull

            Starter, 2.4GHz 2-Channel Radio w/Steering Servo, Tuned Pipe and




REQUIRES: Fuel: 20% lubricant and 10-30% nitro content, synthetic/castor blend

            lubricant recommended (do not use more than 10% nitro content for


          AA Batteries: Ten, 6 for transmitter and 4 for battery box

          Glow starter, building and track equipment



SPECS:      Vehicle-

          Length: 22"   (554mm)

          Width:  12"   (304mm)

          Height:  7"   (178mm)


          Length: 22"   (554mm)

          Width:  12"   (304mm)

          Height:  6.2" (157mm)