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Thunder Tiger 1/8 Nitro EB-4 S2 XSara 27MHz RTR TTR6224-F42C


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Thunder Tiger - 1/8 Nitro EB-4 S2 XSara RTR



  Product No. 6224-F42C
Length: 19.5 in (496 mm)
Width: 12 in (305 mm)
Height: 7.08 in (180 mm)
Wheelbase: 320mm ~ 330mm
FR/RR Track: 295mm ~ 305mm/300mm
Weight: 7.4 lbs (3340 g)

Almost everything is included in this super combo. Radio gear, igniter, fuel bottle, wrench and a Thunder Tiger PRO-21BX-R (P) engine is included and installed; to top it off the body even has a slick print job. Everything needed has been provided and expertly assembled. All you need is fuel, AA batteries and hold on!

Start with the National Champion EB-4, add in a high torque steering servo, have it expertly built, toss on the included printed body and right away, you are enjoying what we define as "True performance RTR". This is no cheap wannabe! The EB-4 S2 Rally Game super combo can grow as your skills grow. Time from box to track is measured in minutes not days. Super Combo's from Thunder Tiger will change everyone's mind about what a RTR should be.




• 100% assembled
• 2 channel radio installed
• High torque steering servo
• Painted body with decals
• Race proven suspension geometry
• Durable gear differential system
• Thunder Tiger PRO-21BX-R (P) with pull start
• Double high density annular foam air filter
• Strong fiberglass reinforced composite parts
• Sturdy Aluminum chassis
• Aluminum front / rear shock towers
• Aluminum steering slider, center differential top plate
• High performance rally game rubber tire
• Adjustable Aluminum large volume, competition shocks
• Front ball type universal drive shaft
• Rally bumper w/foam
• Ventilated flywheel
• High performance tuned pipe and manifold
• Adjustable toe-in / camber / caster angle



Accessories Needed

Radio Set - x12 Alkaline Batteries (AA)
Engine - Glow Fuel (20%)
Adhesives - Instant setting Cyanoacrylate adhesive (thin CA).
Tools - Hobby knife and blades, Fine-point or felt-tip pen, Small phillips and flat head screw drivers, Needle nose pliers, Lexan cutter/Scissors, Silicon oil.