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Fabricante: HPI RACING

Carro HPI Racing Nitro RS4 3 EVO+ 2.4GHz RTR w/1967 Corvette 105940


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HPI's most popular Nitro RTR car gets even faster!

We've updated the amazing Nitro RS4 RTR 3 Evo with some new bodyshells and an even faster engine, for maximum fun and excitement! The Nitro RS4 line of cars has historically been aimed directly at the beginner - to intermediate-level RC hobbyist, the driver who wants a fast car with great handling that's ready-made to go out and thrash the pavement!

With this latest version, we've added the hot new T3.0 engine to the Nitro 3 RTR + to give it a huge boost in power! The T3.0 is based on the potent G3.0 from the Firestorm 10T stadium racing truck, so you know it's going to be fast!
All of the latest HPI kits are now fitted with a comfortable and feature-packed HPI 2.4GHz radio system for supreme control and confidence! The radio features a pistol-grip design with drop-down steering wheel, 3 channel functionality, easy carry handle, fold-down aerial, end point adjustments, servo reversing and steering dual rate. It's also extremely lightweight due to it requiring only four AA batteries.

You won't have to worry about radio crystals or what channel other RC racers are using with our 2.4GHz technology - the radio does all that work for you! The radio prevents frequency conflicts automatically and changes channels if there is any interference. Finally, if you ever lose radio signal or battery power, an electronic failsafe will bring it to a safe and controlled stop. You'll have professional-level control in one easy RTR package!
To help get your new RTR Nitro RS4 3 Evo+ running as quickly as possible, a rechargeable 7.2V Plazma 2000mAh battery pack and AC wall charger are now included to power the Roto-Start electronic starting system, along with Plazma AA's for your transmitter and receiver. We've also included a glow igniter, spare glow plug, multi-purpose wrench, and a fuel bottle so all you need to get is fuel from your local hobby shop and you're ready to start racing. It doesn't get any easier than that!
Nitro Star T3.0 engine

The Nitro Star T3.0 engine is the powerhouse behind the impressive speed of the RTR Nitro RS4 3 Evo+ car. With 2.2 horsepower on tap combined with the Nitro 3's 2-speed transmission, you can get off the starting line fast and reach immense top speeds in no time! The engine is started by a simple pullstarter system and is protected by the included 2-stage air filter for extra protection, and the two-needle carburretor allows you to fine-tune the performance of the engine for any kind of weather or fuel.

Displacement: 3.01cc
Boar: 16.8mm
Stroke: 13.6mm
Power: 2.2hp @ 31,000 RPM
Maximum RPM: 32,000 RPM
Carburettor: F2-6.5 (Composite 6.5mm)

Note: this chassis is shown with optional HPI Vintage wheels and tires

The Nitro RS4 RTR 3 Evo + gets its owner out on the track fast, with maximum fun and minimal hassle! The car is completely factory-assembled, requiring just a few minutes' worth of final prep to get it running. Radio gear is already installed and the engine is factory-set to make it as easy as possible to start up. The tires are glued onto the wheels and the body is pre-painted and cut out, with decals already applied. It doesn't get any easier to have top-speed fun with your mates!


We make things extra easy for you to get driving quick. The car is completely assembled by professionals and ready to go right out of the box, so all you have to do is add fuel and batteries to get running!
The standard two-speed transmission gives you a killer combination of fast acceleration and massive top speed! It's also easily adjustable so you can tune it for maximum speed attacks or for short, twisty circuits.
To give the engine as much power as possible, a tuned exhaust system is installed to give the car as much low-end torque as possible, while allowing it to breathe as much as it needs to to get maximum revs for huge top speed!
The Nitro RS4 3's reliable shaft drive powers the wheels through a system of ball-bearing supported shafts and axles, so you get the maximum power available from the T3.0 engine. You won't have to worry about fragile belt drive systems getting stuck with rocks or pebbles!
A powerful disc brake system gives the car efficient and strong braking power for quick turns and avoiding danger. It's easily adjustable to make the braking more or less intense, so you can dial in the braking force for the traction conditions you're racing in.
The easily removeable radio tray contains all the electronics for simple cleaning of the chassis, and keeps fuel and dirt away from the electronics. Body clips hold the tray securel in place and there's plenty of room in the main compartment for the standard 4 AA battery holder or the optional #2012 rechargeable 5-cell 'hump' battery pack.
Just like a real racing car, the Nitro RS4 3 features dual wishbones to provide all the suspension action, with a large lower A-arm and solid upper camber links. Oil-filled shocks with racing progressive springs control the movement of the arms, and are easily tunable - just like a full-size racer!
An easy-to-use RotoStart is included for fast and easy engine starting. Simply prime the engine, attach the glow plug igniter, then give the RotoStart button a push to get running fast!

A strong 2-speed transmission system spins the durable and proven shaft drivetrain. Using a 2-speed tranny assures you of quick acceleration and corner exits as well as maximum top speed! Sealed ball bearings keep everything running efficiently so you get as much runtime as possible.

A thick countersunk aluminum chassis provides a solid backbone to the car, and the removable radio tray makes it easy to give everything a quick wipe after you're done at the track. To keep things under control, the Nitro RS4 RTR 3 Evo + uses real oil-filled shocks, just like the high-end racing cars!

The Nitro RS4 RTR 3 Evo + is the latest chapter in the HPI nitro story - it continues the HPI tradition of tough, easy to use and dependable cars that are fun to run and a joy to own!

A full range of option parts, ranging from woven graphite shock towers and upper deck to aluminum-body shocks, is available to pimp out the car and make it the most unique at your club!
HPI makes it as easy as possible to get into RC racing action. The RTR Nitro RS4 3 Evo+ is completely pre-built and ready to go right out of the box! Everything is assembled and tuned for you by professionals - diffs, shocks, suspension and more are perfect before you even open the package. You don't have to do a thing to get going fast!

HPI Ready-To-Run vehicles bring you the same high performance and quality that you'd expect from a high end RC kit but with the added convenience of being factory pre-assembled to the highest standards - giving you a high performance RC car straight from the box!
Just like all HPI cars and trucks, you get a full, in-depth instruction manual with step-by-step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your car for maintenance and easy servicing. The manual also includes a handy parts list and full-scale drawings of the parts and hardware. And the included HPI RC Car DVD is your personal RC car expert in a box!
Factory assembeled and Ready-To-Run Nitro 3 Evo+. Available in several versions:


All versions include radio gear and HPI T3.0 engine equipped with RotoStart and 2-speed.
Comes with detailed instructions manual.


     This is the 1/10 scale glow powered, radio controlled, ready to run
           HPI Nitro RS4 3 Evo+ with the 1967 Corvette Coupe Body.

FEATURES: Chassis: 0.098" (2.5mm) 6061 aluminum, gray in color
          Drive: Four wheel shaft drive
          Engine: Nitro Star G3.0 3.0cc (.18 cu in) 2.2hp with Roto-Start
            can be bump started in racing applications) ABC cylinder and liner
            construction-"A"luminum piston,"B"rass cylinder liner that is
            "C"hrome plated, lightweight aluminum con rod, 2 needle 6.5mm
            rotary carburetor, 2 stage air filter
          Exhaust: Dual chamber aluminum tuned pipe, black in color
          Radio: 2.4GHz 3-channel with steering and throttle trims, dual
            rate for steering and charge jack for optional NiCd battery
          Servos: Two standard size and torque
          Fuel Tank: 2.53oz (75cc), flip top cap
          Clutch: 2-shoe
          Transmission: Two-speed, adjustable
          Ball Bearings: 18 rubber sealed
          Shocks: Four oil-filled, with coil-over spring
          Main Gear: 47 and 43 tooth composite construction main gears
          Clutch bell: 22 teeth and 18 teeth gears that thread onto clutch bell
          Gearbox: Sealed, front and rear
          Differentials: Sealed, with metal bevel gears, limited slip front
          Brake: Single disc, fiber construction
          Tires: D compound X-pattern 1.02" (26mm) wide, 2.5" (65mm) diameter
          Wheels: Vintage 5-spoke matte finish chrome
          6-Cell Flat Battery Pack: 7.2V 2000mAh for Roto Start
          Battery Charger: Wall type for Roto Start battery
          Fuel Bottle: 8.4oz (250cc)
          Glow Starter: C size with C-cell battery included
          Body: Pre-painted and trimmed
          Bumper: Front foam
          Suspension: Four wheel independent double wishbone
          Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front
            suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the
          Camber: Adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the
            tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle
          Steering: Bellcrank
          Servo Saver: Included

INCLUDES: HPI RS4 3 Evo+ oil-filled shocks, tuned pipe, 3.0cc engine, trimmed
            and painted polycarbonate body, tires, foam inserts, wheels, decals
            2.4GHz 3-ch radio, Roto-Start & battery, wall charger, 10 AA
            batteries, fuel bottle, glow starter w/battery, instructions,
            glow plug and wrench

REQUIRES: Building and track equipment
          Fuel: 2-stroke glow fuel with 10%-20% nitromethane, 16% lubricant-
            Most of the fuels we carry meet or exceed the lubricant content
            required for optimum performance and maximum engine life. In the
            past, the conventional lubricant content used in fuel was 18%. But
            with new advanced technologies, fuels like Red Alert and O'Donnell
            for example, have a better quality of lubricants even though the
            percentages of lubricant content are lower. These high-tech
            lubricants provide exceptional cooling and protection.

SPECS:      Vehicle-
          Length:            17.1" (434mm)
          Width:              7.9" (200mm)
          Height:               4" (102mm)
          Weight:             3.85lbs (1745g) approximate
          Wheelbase:         10.1"  (256mm) (wheels on-center front-to-rear)
          Tread: Front-6.75" (171mm) Rear-7" (178mm) (wheels on-center side
          Front Track:        7.25" (184mm)
          Rear Track:         7.75" (197mm)
          Ground Clearance:   0.29" (7.5mm)
          Length:            18"   (457mm)
          Width:              7.5" (190mm)
          Height:             4.1" (105mm)