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Fabricante: TOP FLITE

Top Flite F4U Corsair Gold Edition Kit .60-.80,62'' TOPA0101


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Computer-designed from the ground up.

Interlocking parts simplify assembly and increase durability.

Injection-Molded ABS Cowl and Vacuum-Formed Wing Air Scoops (oil- coolers) add authentic detail.

Photo-Illustrated Instruction Manual explains installation of optional retracts and flaps.



All Balsa and Plywood to assemble this kit, ABS Cowl and Air Scoops, Illustrated Instruction Manual, CAD-drawn Rolled Plans, Pushrods, Hardware, CA Hinges, Vacuum-Formed Butyrate Canopy and Engine Mount



.60-.80 2-stroke or .91-1.20 4-stroke Engine

Pitts-Style Muffler

4-7 channel radio

4-Servos(minimum) Additional Channels & Servos for Retracts and Flaps

1¼" Tailwheel, seven servos maximum

Fuel Tank, Prop, Prop Safety Nut, Wheel Collars, Foam Rubber

3-Rolls of Covering and Matching Paint

Pneumatic 100° Rotating Retracts

Top Flite recommends using Robart OR Century Jet Complete Kit (CJMQ3055). 

Items required to operate retracts: 1 hand pump w/gauge

1  air kit complete

1  air restrictors

For rough area landings, also purchase: 2  straight Robostrut

2  scale wheel 3¼".

The only retracts that can be used with this kit are the retracts

recommended in the ACG #4. Hobbico retracts will NOT work.



Wingspan: 62"

Wing Area: 700 sq in

Weight: 7-9.5lbs

Length: 48.5"

Scale: 1:8

Center of gravity: 4" to 4½" back of the leading edge at root

Wing loading: 26oz/sq ft

Degrees incidence: Engine thrust: 0° down, 2°right

Stabilizer: 0°

Wing: 0° 1° washout at tip

Control throws each way: HIGH LOW

Elevator: 11/16" up ½" up

5/8" down 7/12" down

Rudder: 2-3/8" 1-3/8"

Ailerons: ½" 3/8"

Flaps: 1-3/8" 1-3/8"