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Great Planes GPMA1015 Ultra Sport .46-.55 GP/EP ARF 55inch
In 1989 the very successful Great Planes Ultra Sport .40 kit was introduced. Many modellers learned to fly aerobatics with this plane. We are proud to bring you the great flying Ultra Sport .46/EP in the ARF version. It has been updated to use an electric motor or a glow engine. Unlike the kit, the ARF version will have you enjoying the smooth aerobatic performance in just a few hours.
  • Flies well with glow OR electric power.
  • Included mechanical retracts enhance performance and style.
  • Large hatch for easy access to on-board gear and battery.
  • The symmetrical airfoil offers a wider aerobatic range.
Product Information
The Ultra Sport .46/EP ARF is designed to easily accept a .46-size glow engine or comparable size electric motor, and performs great with either option.
Mechanical retracts boost the Ultra Sport’s overall performance. With the gear up the plane flies faster and looks sleeker — when the gear is down ground handling is solid and predictable. The large hatch with spring-loaded latch allows for easy radio gear access and LiPo battery changes. A pilot bust is included and installed.
Separate aileron servos allow for more precise control and trim adjustments, as well as customized mixing options. The cowl is made of high-quality fibreglass, and complements the plane’s balsa and plywood construction.
What you need
  • 4-6 Channel Radio
Glow Powered
  • .46-.55 cy. in. 2-stroke or .70 cu. in. 4-stroke glow engine.
  • 6 x servos
  • 12 x 7 glow propeller
Electric Powered
  • 5 x servos
  • 42-60-480kv motor
  • 75A ESC
  • 6S 22.2V 3600mAh LiPo Battery
  • 15 x 8 electric propeller