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  Quattro Micro Battery Charger employs the circuit that features four  
  totally independent but identical power outputs which are powered  
  4W each. It is designed for charging single cell LiPo.Insert the lead  
  to the right connector in each port,the charger will charge 4 batteries  
  at the same time. And the charging current can be adjusted from 0.1-  
  1A by dial,the charging capacity and cell voltage can be displayed in  
  each 4-digital LED Indicators.  
Four totally independent but identical power outputs which
are powered 4W each are capable of charging four 1S
LiPo packs at the same time and fully independently.
  4 connectors for Multiple 1S Micro Heli/Airplane Lipo batteries!  
  Charging Capacity(mAh)   Battery Voltage(V)

Charging Current(A)

  Status: Charging process finish.
  Worldwide operation: need not any alternative switcher, worldwide safe operation, convenient to use at home or at the track.  
  Maximum protection: short circuit protection; over current protection; battery reverse polarity protection and DC input voltage protection.  


  AC Input   100-240V
  DC Input   11-15V
  Charge circuit power   4X4W±10%
  Charge current range   0.1-1.0A±10%
  Battery type   4X1 cell LiPo
  Battery connector type   Micro/Micro Reverse/MX/mCPX
  Working temperature   0-50℃
  Net weight   280g