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Fabricante: PACER GLUE

Zap Silicone Tape PT101


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This is a roll of 1x10' Zap Silicone Tape from Pacer Technology.



Ideal for landing gear repair, fuselage field repair, fuel line
leaks, wire bundling and more
Designed to adhere to itself, and leaves no residue when removed
Permanent, waterproof bond is also airtight, non-conductive,
and insulating
Resists weathering, salt water and UV rays
Flexible material stretches around uneven shapes
Layers begin to fuse immediately with a permanent cohesive bond
within 24 hours
May be applied in wet, non-oily conditions, although dry surface
conditions are recommended



Roll of 1x10' Zap Silicone Tape



Length: 10' (3.04m)
Width: 1" (25.4mm)