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DJI S800 EVO Vibration Absorber Kit Upgrade


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DJI Innovations EVO Vibration Absorber Kit Upgrade for the S-800 Spreading Wings Hexacopter

The kit contains six vibration dampers and a new IMU mounting plate. This new vibration damening kit can install easily on your S-800 without making any changes to your S-800. Once installed, your S-800 flight performance will increase greatly! High frequency vibrations are absorbed through the air-core damping ball within the dampers. This absorption keeps those nasty vibrations away from your IMU thus giving you a much more stable flying experience!


IMU mounting plate21g
Damper15g (each)
Total weight111g
Damping ball hardnessShore A 50
Working temperature– 20-70°C
  • Effective isolation and absorption of the high frequency vibration
  • Aluminum alloy CNC technology
  • Easy installation