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Fabricante: ALIGN

Align MR25P FPV Racing Drone SEM BATERIA (RM42503XST


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The Align MR25P FPV Racing Drone is an out of the box race machine. With powerful 2300kv motors and adjustable motor mount angles of +/-30°, you have an advantage over your competition. The 7-in-1 Flight Control system combines the ESCs, power distribution, OSD, Bluetooth connectivity and gimbal control with a 32 bit high speed processor to provide stable and reliable performance in an all in one electronics system. Another unique feature is the gimbal controlled tilting camera that provides instant tilting compensation during high speed flights so you always get the best image through your goggles. 

The frame features a unique V-shape arm design, and an incredible LED light system that offers 256 LED color options that can be changed easily through the MRS app. Want to do more than just fly around? This nimble and lightweight aircraft is also capable of 3D flips and rolls by simply moving the aileron or elevator stick to the end of its travel. Align is coming out with guns blazing, in an effort to deliver the highest quality product possible. This is the FPV racing drone you have been waiting for!


NOTE: The model shown may not be an accurate representation of the color you will receive. Colors are selected randomly. The Align MR25P model AGNRM42503X is available in four different colors, red, yellow, white, or green. If you would like a specific color, please contact our customer service department prior to placing your order and we will do our best to honor your request.  


  • Cutting Edge Flight System: MRS flight controller utilizes a 32 bit high speed processor that combines the ESC, power distribution, OSD, Bluetooth connectivity and gimbal control function. The high precision 6 axis gyro sensor and barometric sensor has been carried over from Align's autopilot technology for stable and reliable performance.
  • Parameter Adjustment Through App: Setup and Flight parameter tuning is done through the MRS app and is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.
  • Bluetooth Functionality: Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility featuring low power, high speed transmission.
  • Customized LED Lights: High intensity LED's are mounted on the bottom, motor mounts and back plate, with 256 colors to choose from. Customize the LED colors using the MRS app.
  • DV Camera Gimbal: Single axis camera gimbal for camera tilt angle compensation during high speed flight. This keeps the camera image level with the horizon. The tilt angle is also manually adjustable.
  • Camera Multi-function Settings: Camera parameters are adjustable through the MRS app. Image size, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance and more.
  • FHD DV Video Recorder: 1080p 30fps/720 60fps; 5mp photo; 90° FOV; less than 5% image distortion; supports micro SD card (32gb).
  • Remote Photo/Video Control: Camera shutter and video start/stop function can be controlled through the RC Transmitter.
  • OSD Live Flight Data: Live flight data display including flight time, mode, attitude, voltage, capacity, current, altitude, vertical velocity, camera mode, low voltage warning and more are visible on the flight screen.
  • FPV: Onboard camera and 5.8GHz transmitter allow you to broadcast live video with zero latency directly to your LCD screen or FPV goggles.
  • Impact Resistant Aerodynamic Shell: Made from lightweight ABS plastic. Improves visibility and increases protection. Screwless quick latch mounting design makes installation quick and easy, and allows fast battery changes. Multiple colors available for a custom look.
  • High Torque, High Speed, Efficient Motors: Alight BL1806-2300kv multirotor race motors are based on Align's motor technology. Normal flight time approximately 9 minutes with 3S-1300mAh battery.
  • Adjustable Motor Tilt Angle: Adjustable motor angle +/- 30° improves speed and stability. This gives racers a performance edge at the starting line, and offers flexibility to compensate for the camera angle. 
  • Intelligent Power Management System: Manages signal and power distribution. With single battery, power is distributed to the flight control, motors, DVR, video downlink, gimbal, and multifunction panel. Master power switch makes powering up simple, and a battery meter displays the current battery capacity. The multifunction panel has unique brake and turn signals for added safety and realism during FPV racing.
  • Stunt Mode: Capable of 3D flips in manual mode by moving the aileron/elevator stick to the end of its travel.


  • Air Frame:
    • Diameter: 250mm
    • Height (Excluding Antenna): 78mm
    • Propeller Diameter: 5 inches (127mm)/ 6 inches(152mm)
    • AUW (Excludes Battery): Approx.410g
  • MRS Flight Control:
    • Input Voltage: 10V~16.8V
    • Operating Frequency: 800HZ
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C~65°C (-4°F~149°F)
    • Maximum Angular Speed: Aileron/Elevator 400°/sec, Rudder 45°/sec
    • Maximum Tilting Angle: 80 degrees
    • Supports Multicopter Configurations: MR25, MR25P
  • Multicopter Brushless ESC:
    • Input Voltage: 11.1V~14.8V (3S~4S Li-Po)
    • Max Continuous Current: 15A
    • Operating Temperature: -5°C~45°C (23°F~113°F)
  • RCM-BL1806 Brushless Motor 2300KV (RPM/V):
    • Input Voltage: 11.1V
    • Max Continuous Current (3 min): 12A
    • Max Continuous Power (3 min): 135W
    • Stator Arms: 12
    • Magnet Poles: 14
    • Dimesion/Weight: Φ5xΦ23x25.6mm/18.5g
  • 5.8GHz Video Transmitter:
    • Operating Frequency: 5.8GHz
    • Transmitting Channels: 32 CH
    • Input Voltage: 7~19V DC
    • Operating Current: 300mA 12V
    • Antenna Interface: RP SMA
    • Transmitting Power: 350mW
    • Dimesion: 31x23x11mm
    • Weight: 14g (Exclude Antenna)/21.48g (Include Antenna)
  • Video Camera:
    • Recording: 1080P 30FPS/720P 60FPS
    • Encoding Format: Av1
    • Photo Resolution: 5M/3M pixels
    • Shutter speed: 2~1/8000sec
    • Input Voltage: 5V
    • Perspective: 90°
    • Memory Cards: Micro SD (Maximum Supported 32GB)
    • Interface: Mini USB?AV OUT/DV IN?MRS Controller
    • Video Output Format: PAL?NTSC


  • (1) MR25P Racing Quad
  • (1) MRS Flight Control System
  • (4) Brushless Motor BL1806 (2300KV)
  • (1) 5.8GHz Video Transmitter
  • (1) MR25 DV Video Recorder
  • (1) DV Camera Gimbal
  • (4) 5045 Propeller
  • (4) 6040 Propeller
  • (1) Circular Ploarized Antenna TX
  • (1) MR25 Sticker
  • (1) S.BUS Connector
  • (2) Receiver Signal Wire
  • (1) Satellite Adapter
  • (3) Hook and Loop Tape
  • (1) Double Sided Tape
  • (1) Hook and Loop Tape
  • (2) Dual Lock Fastener
  • (2) Hex Head Wrench

Falta para completar o kit: 

  • R/C Transmitter (6-channel or more, aircraft / multicopter system)
  • Consulte a cor disponível

  • Receiver (6 channel or more) or Satellite Receiver
  • 1300~1800mAh 3S LiPo Battery & Charger
  • FPV Goggle or FPV Monitor  with 5.8G video receiver
  • Smartphone with MRS app for tuning