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Freefly HDMI Converter


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1) Provide 5V power for HDMI Converter board from a 5V supply on your multi-rotor to the power input (red cable) and ground (black cable). 5V maximum input voltage!
2) Connect video (white cable) and ground (black cable) to your downlink transmitter input.
3) Set camera for HDMI video output (lower resolution setting for HDMI will typically keep the board cooler).

Recommended Product:
DC/DC - regulator TSR1-2450 is a 12V in and 5V out so it would work fine in-line from the 12V (3S) lipo.

Scope of Delivery:
HDMI Converter
Lightweight and flexible HDMI Cable
AV/Power Connector with Flying Leads
2-pin Jumper (for switching between NTSC/PAL)

Technical Specs:
• Compatible with NTSC/PAL systems
• Power Requirement: 5V
• Converter weighs 20g (not including cables)
• Small form factor: 60mm x 40mm
• Termination: wire leads

Suggestion: Mount the Freefly HDMI Converter to a Camera Gimbal using the Modi-Fly HDMI Converter.

HDMI Converter Details » (PDF / 5MB)