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Nine Eagles Solo V1 4CH 2.4Ghz 210A NE 30221024244


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Looks like a toy, but truly a 4 Channel helicopter - Nine EagleTM Solo
You may ask what is the difference with this Nine Eagles Solo with other toys? First of all, the Solo is feather light, just 28 grams, this means better durability and much better control, and the Solo is a true beginner class 4-Channel helicopter. 4-Channel means the helicopter can receive 4 signals from your transmitter, the names are :

1. Elevator : Going Forward / Backward
2. Aileron : Sliding Left / Right
3. Rudder / Yaw : Changing Nose Heading
4. Throttle : Fly Higher / Lower

These are the basic controls for all RC Helicopters, so playing this Nine Eagles Solo Helicopter will get you to know which stick is for what movement for Big RC Helicopters. I would recommend this model for all serious beginners who wants a entry level of RC Helicopter.


Great Beginners' Choice - Very easy to fly, even for first time flyer

Simplify Mechanism - A clever design, easier to repair

Innovative Stroke Servo - Durable and Precise, important for all players

Good Quality Motors - more than enough to power this feather light helicopter

Real 4 channels Proportional Radio System
Big LCD Display, Mode 1 and Mode 2 inter-changeable and a charger slot to charge heli battery, a very convenient design

Easy to Re-Charge Helicopter Battery - Charge it with the transmitter

3.7V 110mAh Battery - Low voltage, less stress and lower running cost

Overall Length - 200mm

Main Rotor Diameter - 188mm

All-up Weight - 28g with Battery included, amazing!

Flight Time - Around 7 Mins. Recharge time around 30 Mins.

HeliPal.com Sends You Everything!
Do you know? Some online sellers on the market keep some items to make more profit
such as remote controller, Li-Po battery, battery charger or something’s you can't imagine.....

This package includes :
1. Pre-assembled Helicopter
2. 2.4Ghz Transmitter with build-in charger slot for Heli Battery
3. 3.7V 110mAh Li-Po Battery
4. 4 X AA Batteries
5. Instruction Manual

HeliPal.com Checks Every Single Helicopter Before Shipping!
Do you know how important is it? Trust me, it is VERY IMPORTANT!
Many online sellers don't check their products at all because it requires experienced rc pilots and it is very time consuming as well. Helipal.com team checks every helicopters to ensure everything is in good condition!

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Most Stable 4-Channel Helicopter ever - Video Demonstration