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Fabricante: WLTOYS

WL V912 MAX Helicopter (Green & Yellow) V912


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WL V912

Looking for a Outdoor Beginner's Model? This is it - V912 "MAX" Mini Helicopter by WL Toys
As you may know, Co-Axial helicopters are made for first time players, they are super stable, but they only work good Indoor but not outdoor, besides, they are a bit too easy. So you may turn to Single Rotor Helicopters, but they are very different from Co-Axial helis and you may find them too fast and too agile, so what to start do?

We recommend Bell Rotor Head Helicopters, they are a special breed between Co-Axial Helis and Single Rotor Helis, some guys made some changes from old school Single Rotor Helis, they re-positioned the "Flybar", this thing is basically a rod with heavy weight on both end, when it spins, it generates a "Gyro" effect and will stabilize the heli. The placement of this "Flybar" is crucial , with the new placement, the helicopter will be 50% slower than ordinary Signal Rotor Head helis, that makes beginners much easier to play.

However, the Bell Rotor Head helicopters are not new on the market and they have weakness that although they have stability, but not speed. For this V912 "MAX" Mini helicopter, factory spent time and did a good job on improving the weakness of this rotor head design, for example they use Long Travel Servos to compensate the slow respond problem, and adapted spur gears on the tail to improve Head Holding performance, all these are simply "money" and "cost", this time WL Toys chose to performance instead of manufacturing cost, for this we have to give them two thumbs up! Along with the improvements, the plastic parts and aluminum frame are precise and accurate, no loose, no gaps, which is a great thing, not many products within this price range can reach such good craftsmanship.

During the test flight, we noticed the improvement right the way, the helicopter is remarkably stable like nothing else, the tail holding is AMAZING, it's rock solid, and we crashed it on purpose, the main structure is soooo strong, nothing breaks, just some scratch on the main blades, we put it on the ground and fly again, that's increditable! The V912 "MAX" helicopter is one of the best developed helicopters on the market, if you ask us which helicopter is good for beginners for park flying.... well you should really take a look at this V912 "MAX" Mini Helicopter, it looks good, flies like nothing else... and with this price, it's unbeatable! However, to fly this baby, you gotta have some experience on Co-Axial Helis before, otherwise you will still crash this bird.

WL Toys - a brand to remember
Although they are a new brand, but they make good products, we tested everyone of them and loved them.

Bigger = Better!
Comes to helicopters, the bigger the heli, the more stable it is, physics said so. The V912 "MAX" helicopter size is just right, great for stability, but not so big for stressful flying.

So.... what makes this helicopter so stable?
The Bell Rotor Head design makes this helicopter fly so easily.

Not just an ordinary Bell Rotor Heli from other makers, WL Toys did some improvement over this model.
They add speed and stability to this V912 "MAX" Mini Helicopter

This is Good Engineering!
Look at it, everything are well placed, elastic plastic parts and aluminum frame for super durability, all these are made for beginners and crashers!

Improved Tail Holding Ability
This spur gears system in the tail increase performance but also increase manufacturing cost, but hey... factory use this anyway, that's good!

2.4Ghz 4-Channel Transmitter
2.4Ghz transmitter will not jam with other players or other devices, also it looks quite good, great hand control, does not look like a toy grade transmitter, isn't?

Ready to Fly package- Plug and Play!
Just charge the battery and fly right the way, without worrying any setup problems.

Price not always equals to performance
On the V912 "MAX" Mini Helicopter, you get more then you paid for.

This package includes :
1. WL Toys 2.4G Remote controller
2. Pre-assembled Helicopter
3. 7.4V 850mah Li-Po Battery
4. 2S Li-Po Battery Charger and Power Supply (110V-240V)
( Suitable for your country )
5. Instruction Manual
6. Extra 1 Pair of Main Blade
7. Extra 1 Tail Rotor

WL Toys V912 "MAX" Mini Helicopter Specification :
1. Main Rotor Diameter : 400 mm
2. Tail Rotor Diameter : 128 mm
3. Overall Length : 460 mm
4. All-up Weight : 300g (Battery included)