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Fabricante: O.S. ENGINES

O.S. Crankshaft Clamp 32-46 71530400


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This Device Facilitates The Installation, or Removal, of a Flywheel, Cooling-Fan or Pilot Shaft By Temporarily Locking The Crankshaft So That It Cannot Rotate. Fits OS Max 32 F, 32 SX, 46 SF, 46 FX and 50SX-H Engines.

FEATURES: Made Of Durable Engineering Plastic, It Locks The Crankshaft Without Risk Of Damage To Any Part Of The Engine And Can Also Be Used With Recoil-Starter Equipped Engines.

INCLUDES: One Engineering Plastic Crankshaft Clamp (Locking Tool)

REQUIRES: Removing Coverplate or Pull Starter From The Rear Of The Engine

COMMENTS: How To Use: Remove The Crankcase Rear Coverplate From The Engine and Rotate The Crankshaft To The Bottom-Dead-Center Position. Insert The Crankshaft Clamp So That Its Grooved Portion Surrounds The Crankpin and Lower End Of The Connecting-Rod and Securely Tighten The Flywheel, Fan or Pilot Shaft Onto The Crankshaft. Remove Crankshaft Clamp When Completed and Re-Install The Coverplate Back Onto The Engine.