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Freewing SU-35 Dual 70mm Vectored Thrust EDF Jet - Receiver Ready in Desert Camo Color Scheme

NEW!  Now comes with dual 12-Blade EDF fans instead of the old 6 blade fans.

This 3D version of the Freewing SU-35 has more thrust (3000g) than the regular version. The size of the Freewing SU-35 is an amazing site to behold. This plane is one of the largest, most sophisticated, foam EDF jets made. Whether you like scale flight or outlandish maneuvers, the Freewing SU-35 can do it all. We think the Freewing SU-35 is one of the most entertaining EDF jets out there. The specs alone are amazing. The SU-35 is built from EPS foam and has nylon hinged control surfaces, shock absorbing landing gear, dual motors, dual ESC, dual 70mm EDF fans, and runs on a 6 cell LiPo battery. We are not sure what else to ask for in an EDF jet. Now includes dual Hobbywing 60A ESC.



NEW! Dual Hobbywing 60A ESC

NEW! EC5 ESC Connector

NEW! 12 Blade EDF Fans

Dual 70mm electronic ducted fans (EDF)

360 degree vectored thrust for incredible maneuvers (hover, flip turns, etc.)

Durable shock absorbing landing gear

Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges

Brushless motor, ESC and servos installed



Freewing SU-35 Desert Camo Twin 70mm EDF Vectored Thrust Jet - PNP



7 Channel Radio - Select a minimum 7 channel radio from our Radio Collection 

7 Channel Receiver - Select a minimum 7 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection

6 Cell 22.2V 4000 - 6000 mAh LiPo Battery with EC5 connector - we recommend Admiral 6 Cell 6000 mAh LiPo battery

6 Cell Compatible Battery Charger - Select a minimum 6 cell (6S) charger from our Charger Collection



Wingspan: 1080mm / 42.5in

Length: 1630mm / 64in

Flying Weight: 2600g

Power System: 2x Brushless 3048-2150KV

Speed Control: 2x 60A Hobbywing, EC5 connector

Propeller / EDF: 2x 70mm EDF


9g standard with 100mm lead : vector 3, rudder

9g standard with 550mm lead : nose gear door

9g reverse with 300mm lead : vector 2

9g standard with 300mm lead : nose gear steering, left aileron, right aileron, vector 1

17g metal gear standard with 300mm lead : right elevator

17g metal gear reverse with 300mm lead : left elevator

Landing Gear: Servoless electric retracts, shock absorbers

Required Battery: 6 Cell 22.2V 4000 - 6000 mAh LiPo Battery with EC5 connector

Required Radio: 7 Channel radio with mixing ability

Rudder: Yes

Flaps: No

Ailerons: Yes

Lights: No

Hinge Type: Nylon hinges on all control surfaces

Material: EPS Foam