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Fabricante: GMS ENGINES

GMS .25 ABC BB Remote Needle Valve w/Muffler


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This is a .25 2-Stroke Airplane ABC Engine w/ Remote Needle Valve from GMS.

FEATURES Low speed needle-equipped carburetor with High Speed Needle Valve
            mounted on the backplate to reduce chance of injury from spinning
          Aluminum Brass Chrome piston/sleeve construction
          Adjustable exhaust outlet on muffler allows 360° rotation of
            muffler tip
          Gold anodized heatsink head.
          Ball bearing-supported crankshaft
          One-piece crankcase with a bead-blasted finish
          2 year warranty on all GMS engine

INCLUDES: One .25 cid (4.07cc) airplane engine
          One bolt-through muffler
          One carburetor
          One muffler gasket
          One glow plug
          Two allen key tools
          Two muffler screws
          One manual and parts list

REQUIRES: Attaching high speed remote needle valve and muffler.
          5-15% airplane nitro fuel.
          8x4 propeller for break-in

SPECS:    Displacement: .25 cid (4.07cc)
          Bore:          18mm
          Stroke:        16mm
          Output:        .85 BHP at 18,000 RPM
          Practical range: 2,400 - 19,000 RPM
          Weight:        10.9oz (310g) with muffler

          Center distance width across mounting holes: 1.5" (38mm)
          Distance between mounting holes same side: 0.59" (15mm)
          Length from front of crankcase to backplate screws: 3.0" (77.7mm)
          Width across mounting flanges: 1.8" (45mm)
          Total height of engine: 2.92" (74.2mm)
          Length from center of head to front of crankcase: 2.2" (55mm)
          Widest width of crankcase neglecting mounting flanges: 1.8" (45mm)
          Length from front of crankcase to center distance of front
            mounting hole: 1.87" (47.5mm)
          Height from crankshaft center to top of head: 2.3" (59.2mm)
          Crankshaft thread size: 1/4-28

COMMENTS: Propeller size range: 7x6-8x6
          For the GMS .25 engine with front mounted needle, use GMEG1025
          All GMS engines use the same owner's manual