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O.S. Engines FS120III Pump Ring 70N Carburetor 35540


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This is one of the O.S. Surpass series of 4-stroke model engines.

The Surpass series is the 2nd series of 4-stroke engines (The 1st series was the FS series, discontinued and replaced by the Surpass series around 1986-7). "Surpass" refers to this series gaining 30% more power than the previous FS series.



Specially developed PD-07 pump

New 70N carb

Ball bearing-supported camshaft and crankshaft

New F-5020 Silencer

Two year warranty



One Assembled Engine w/Carburetor and #F Glow Plug

One Muffler w/Manifold

One Set of Instructions, O.S. Poster, and Decal

(Mounting Template Is No Longer Included per O.S.)

One additional coarse needle for less sensitive carb adjustment.



Fuel: 5%-15% nitromethane with 18% lubricant. Synthetic, castor, or a synthetic/castor blend may be used.

NOTE: Certain four-cycle fuels cannot be used due to low oil content.

However, SOME four-cycle fuels such as the Wildcat 4-Cycle 15% may be used because it has 18% oil content.

When choosing fuels for this engine, the modeler must be sure to select a fuel with at least a 18% lubricant content.

Starting and Field Equipment.

Propeller (see SPECS)



Bore: 30.4mm (1.20")

Stroke: 27.5mm (1.08")

Power Output: 2.1 BHP at 12,000 RPM

Practical RPM Range: 2,000 - 12,000 RPM

Weight-Without Muffler: 32.5oz (921g)

Weight-With Muffler: 35.3oz (1000g)

Crankshaft Thread Size: 5/16-24

Valve Clearance: Between .04mm and .1mm (or between .0015" and .004", measured between the valve tip and rocker arm)

Length: 102mm (4.09") from backplate to the front of the drive washer

Width: 47mm (1.85") width of engine neglecting the mounting flanges 58mm (2.28") distance between the mounting hole centers

Height: 139.5mm (5.49")

Suggested Prop(s): 14x9, 14x10, 14x11, 15x8, 15x9, 15x10, 16x6,

Construction: Aluminum and Aluminum alloy



Some differences between 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke engines:

4-Strokes are quieter.

4-Strokes get better Fuel Economy

2-Strokes generate More RPM (11,000-13,000 RPM with prop and 4-Strokes rev to around 9,500 RPM)

4-Strokes generate much more torque and will swing a larger prop.

4-Strokes have a more realistic sound, like a real aircraft engine.


The new Surpass engines (Version II and III) have more power than their predecessors and they also have more corrosion prevention on the inside of the crankcases.