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FPV 5.8G 8CH 2000mW Wireless AV Transmitter+ Receiver FREE


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1.Part number?TS582000


2.8 channla AV transmitter


3.DC in range: 12V/150mA(7.0~15V)


4. Operating temperature: -10~+85°c




1.Audio Output:1Vp-p 600 ω


2. Video Output :1Vp-p 75 ω


3. Power Supply :DC 12V


4. Operating temperature: -10~+50°c


5.Video lnput lmpedance:   75    Ohm




Channel frequency:


CH1 -5705-MHz            CH2 -5685-MHz        CH3 -5665-MHz        CH4 -5645-MHz


CH5 -5885-MHz            CH6 -5905-MHz        CH7 -5925-MHz        CH8 -5945-MHz




Anttena Descriptions:




This light-weight broadband frequency (5.6 to 5.9GHz) with high gain (11dBi) panel antenna


is a great passive Gain device to extand the transmission of any 5.8GHz wireless RF and Digital signal to a very long range. 




  • This antenna works with  FPV  5.8G 200MW transmitter,  Range will be up to above 3KM
  • This antenna works with  FPV  5.8G 500MW transmitter,  Range will be up to above 6KM


 Product Specifications:


  • Frequency:5600-5900MHZ
  • Gain: 11dbi
  • Horizontal radiationlobe:45degree
  • Vertical radiationlone:30degree
  • Standing wave ratio:< 2.0
  • Input impedance: 50ohm
  • Polarize way:Vertical
  • Max.Power:50W
  • Connector:RP-SMA




  • For Long Distance FPV Wireless Video Transmission
  • WiMax, 802.11a WiFi Networks, and 802.16 WiMax Networks
  • Public Wireless Hotspot
  • Wireless LAN Systems




Package includes:




      1 X 5.8G wireless transmitter


      1 X 5.8G wireless receiver


      2 X 5.8G antennas


      1 X Power cable for transmitter


      1 X Power cable for receiver


      1x Connector and cable set


      1x Instruction book

      1x 5.8GHz 11dBi high gain Panel Antenna