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Fabricante: PARROT



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Product description

Glide in air and water in preprogrammed and custom stunts control settings of multiple 640 x 480 Camera 1 GB of flash memory for recording controlled through the FreeFlight 3 Bluetooth Smart application (le) with 65 'range compatible with iOS and Android game of stickers includes battery lasts up to 25 minutes


Be the captain and the pilot

Go on air and sea adventures with your second-generation Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone. Experience two MiniDrones in one. Use the hydrofoil to glide through the water at speeds of up to 6.2 mph. When you're ready to take flight, simply remove the hydrofoil and you're good to go.



Speed ??along the water

Built with streamlined foils and a hydrodynamic hull, your MiniDrone is ultra-stable as it moves with amazing dexterity and speed across the water. Easily control your flight using the FreeFlight 3 app, which allows you to perform rapid moves and turns on the go.



Twist and turn in flight

Amplify your acrobatics with 360 ° forward and backward flips. Tilt from 90 ° to 180 ° with a single tap.



Stay balanced as you go

Steering in Aquatic mode is as simple as attaching the removable nautical structure. An integrated antenna also increases your range of movement as you cruise along. In Flight mode, the 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer work together to ensure ultimate stability.



Take control of your flight

Piloting your MiniDrone is simple with FreeFlight 3. Download the free app to your smartphone or tablet and get instant access to in-flight tricks and maneuvers. Take aerial photos during your flight and view them later with friends and family. * FreeFlight 3 is available in the App Store or in the Google Play Store.