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Fly or browse, you choose!

Discover Parrot Drone Airborne Hydrofoil, one of our MiniDrones second generation.

Hydrofoil is a hybrid drone using their propellers to move in fresh water. The nautical structure supports the Drone Hydrofoil 5 or 6 cm above the water in a balanced manner. It is fast and simple piloting and speeds up to 10 km over water. Moreover, you can blow your MiniDrone to live a unique driving experience!


Be a captain, be a pilot, accepts the challenge

You'll have two drones one with the Parrot Drone foil Hydro-! You can use the structure of the Hydrofoil to glide through the water, and then remove and blow up the Mini-Drone in all directions.


Enjoy browsing the water mode

As is made with aerodynamic blades and a hydrodynamic housing, the Parrot Drone Hydrofoil is ultra-stable and moves on the water with amazing skill and speed.

It is easily controlled via a smartphone or tablet and you can also make quick movements and turns 90 ° and 180 °. Your performance on the water is amazing!


Change your Parrot Hydrofoil flight mode

The Parrot MiniDrone flies fluently by anywhere and can move at 18 km / h. Simply sliding your finger, the MiniDrone rotated 90 ° and 180 ° and, with one click, performing acrobatic flips in the air 360 ° forward and backward.

The Hydrofoil Drone, designed to fly and navigate safely, is equipped with a circuit breaker for the propellers in case of collision. Now, with the Parrot Drone Hydrofoil, you can fly and navigate as you like!

In the water mode, the Parrot Drone Hydrofoil is balanced and self-stabilizing. Driving is easy, fixed removable navigation structure your MiniDrone and conquer the water world.

In the MiniDrone has an integrated antenna to increase the scope of maniobras.En flight mode, the Parrot Drone Hydrofoil has a superior flight stability thanks to its gyroscope and accelerometer, 3-axis both. This ultra-sophisticated technology makes the Drone Hydrofoil one of the most stable quadricopters market.


FreeFlight 3

The FreeFlight 3 application is available in the Apple store, Google Play and Windows 8.1. The application offers an intuitive control from your Smart- phone or tablet and connects to your Hydrofoil via Bluetooth® Smart. FreeFlight 3 is used to control all Parrot MiniDrones.


Improved capacity

Customize your Parrot Drone Hydrofoil with stickers. Fast charging ensures that the battery is fully recharged in just 25 minutes (with a charger 2.6 A).


Technical specifications

Battery life: 9 minutes. 7 minutes structure

320 x 340 x 140 mm

Yes, only 640 x480 px photographs

Weight: 247 g

Range: 20 meters