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Fabricante: HITEC

HITEC Hitec Flash 8 8-Channel Tx/9-Channel Maxima 9 Receiver 176258


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Flash 8 Transmitter;
Built-in AFHSS 2.4GHz /SLT module
4096 resolution
Fast 7ms frame rate latency
Five 3-position, and two 2-position switches
Acro / Glider / Helicopter Programming
Push button and jog dial programming interface
Dynamically assignable switches, knobs and sticks
30 model memory
10 character model naming
Graphic backlit LCD screen with auto brightness control
Telemetry capabilities (sensors not included)
Digital push button power switch
Easy to change stick modes
DC 5V power out
Internal temperature sensor
Maxima 9-Channel Low Latency Receiver HRCL7525;
Dual M BODA (Dual Mini Boosted Omni-Directional Antenna) diversity
Fail Safe/Hold function
Wide operation voltage, 3.7-9.0V



2.4GHz Flash 8 8-Channel Aircraft
6.4V 2-Cell LiFe Transmitter Battery
Maxima 9 9-Channel Receiver
CA-S15 Wall Charger
On/Off Switch
Foam Receiver Protector
Manual on Disc