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Fabricante: FREESKY

Flysky TH9X 8CH 2.4GHz Transmitter And Receiver (TX+RX Set)


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(Com modulo 2.4ghz)

Product Description

FS-Th9X has revolutionized the way people experience RC, and now this radio transmitter can stand up to the top competitions.
AFHDS (automatic frequency hopping digital system), is developed by FLYSKY for all the Radio Control model lovers and is patented by FLYSKY at home. The system is specially developed for all the Radio control models, that offers super active and passive anti-jamming capabilities, very low power consumption and high receiver sensitivity. With extreme rigorous testing by engineers and studying the markets for years, FLYSKY AFHDS is now considered to be the one of the best systems available in the market.


FlySky 2.4G 8CH System

Channels: 8 Channels

Model Type: glider, helicopter, airplane, also car or boat

RF Range: 2.40-2.48GHz

Bandwidth: 500Hz

Band: 160

RF Power: less than 20DB

2.4G System: AFHDS

Modulation: GFSK

Code Type: PPM/PCM

Senditivity: 1024

LCD Type: 128 x 64 dot

Low Voltage Warning: yes(less than 9V)

DSC Port: yes(3.5mm:output:PPM)

Charger Port: yes

Size: 180 x 220 x 70 mm

Power: 12VDC or 8 x 1.5AA

Weight: 670g

Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)

The transmitter can do:

Throttle curves

Pitch curves

Endpoint adjustments


Swash AFR mixes

Servo reversing


Dual rate



V-Tail mixing


Flysky FS-R9B 2.4G Receiver:

Channels: 8channels

Modulation Type:2.4G

modulation: GFSK

Difference Frequency: No

Frequency: 2.4G

Power: 5V DC(4 x 1.5V AA)

weight: 25g

ANT length: 26mm

size: 52 x 33 x 15mm

Certificate: CE,FCC,RoHS

Package Included:

1 x FlySky FS-TH9X-B 2.4G 8CH Transmitter Mode 2

1 x FS-R9B 8CH 2.4GHz Receiver

1 x TM002 2.4GHz Module

1 x Bind Plug

1 x user manual

Flysky TH9X 8 Channel Transmitter and FS-R9B 8 channel Receiver Large LCD screen and extensive programming capability Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)


How to bind the RX (receiver) to the TX (transmitter):

1. Plug bind plug into BAT, turn on plane/heli, the LED light should flash (make sure power is connected to RX via ESC)

2. Hold down bind button on transmitter module while turning on the TX

3. The light should go steady now

4. Let go of bind button, turn off plane/heli, remove bind plug, turn off TX

5. Turn on TX and then turn on plane/heli