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Fabricante: FUTABA

Futaba 10CA 72Mhz 10-Channel R3110DPS Synthesized Tx/Rx Air FUTJ9150


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This is the Futaba 10 CA 10 Channel RC System
                          with the R3110DPS Receiver.
                              No servos included.
This version is Mode 2-Left Hand Throttle and Right Hand Elevator, USA Standard

     This is the airplane version which will default to airplane settings,
with mode 2 stick operation when powered up and has a ratcheted throttle stick.

FEATURES:Enhanced airplane, heli and glider software
         Big 160 x 72 LCD with backlighting, adjustable contrast and auto-off
         15 model memory (expandable with optional camPACs)
         Smart Switch Technology (SST) logic switches allows activation of a
           functon when specific switch and/or stick positions occur
         Modes 1-4 selectable, modes 3-4 programmable
          Assignable functions/switches
          Eight programmable mixes (4 linear/(4) w/5-point curves
          Nine factory defined mixes: Elevator-Flap, Ailevator (for dual
           elevator servos), Throttle-Needle, Aileron Differential, Flaperon,
           V-Tail, Elevon, Snap Roll and Air Brake w/elevator delay
           Dual/Triple rates (4ch)
           Exponential (4ch)
           Idle Down
           Throttle Cut
           Throttle Delay
           Throttle Hold & Idle Up with Delay
           Two independent gyro settings
           7-point throttle curve
           Flap Trim
           "Full Functionality" trainer system (trainer cord not included)
           One year limited warranty

          INCLUDES: 10C Transmitter
                    TP-FSM RF Module
                    R3110 DPS 10 channel Receiver
                    NT8S700B 700mAh Transmitter Battery, FUTM1460
                    FBC-19B4 120V AC TX, RX Wall Charger, FUTM1830
          Switch Harness
          9" Aileron Extension, FUTM3910
          Neck Strap, FUTM5690

REQUIRES: Servos depending on type of aircraft

SPECS:    Transmitter;
            Power Supply: 9.6V NT8S700B NiCd battery
            Intermediate Frequency: 10.7MHz & 455kHz
            Power Requirement: 4.8V NiCd battery
            Current Drain: 40mA
          Size: 1.27 x 2.17 x 0.80" (32.2 x 55.2 x 20.3mm)

            Weight: 1.25oz (35.5g)
            Channels: 10

COMMENTS: This radio is also available in helicopter default mode; FUTJ9151.