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Fabricante: GREAT PLANES

Great Planes RealFlight Expansion Pack 6 GPMZ4116


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          This is the RealFlight Expansion Pack 6 from Great Planes.
      **Expansion Pack 6 Offers a Free Upgrade to G4.5 for G4 Owners.**
              **Compatible only with RealFlight G4 and above.**

FEATURES: Access to all 24 flying sites and all 70 aircraft choices originally
            included On RealFlight Add-Ons volumes 1-5
          Adds 18 new aircraft-12 new airplanes, 5 new rotary wings, 1 aerostat
            and three new flying site

INCLUDES: Airplanes;
            AirfoilZ Extra 260 Hybrid
            Convair F2Y Sea Dart
            ElectriFly Matt Chapman Eagle 580
            ElectriFly Seawind EP Seaplane
            ElectriFly Sequence
            Great Planes Escapade
            Great Planes Reactor 3D
            Great Planes Zlin Akrobat
            Messerschmitt ME262
            Plantraco Butterfly Living Room Flyer
            Marston Pteroworks 52" Pterodactyl
            RiteWingRC Demon 40
          Rotary Wings;
            A-19 Buzzard
            Heli-Max Axe CX Micro
            Heli-Max Novus CP Nano
            RJX Hobby Xtreme 90
            Skyartec Wasp 200XE V4
            Steamatic Aerostat
          Flying Sites;
            PhotoField Jefferson Airstrip
            PhotoField Silverton Prairie
            3D Water Park/Obstacle Course 7

REQUIRES: Minimum System Requirements;
          Realflight Generation 4 (or above)
          COMPATIBILITY NOTE: Expansion Pack 6 is NOT compatible with any
          version of RealFlight prior to Generation 4
          3GB hard drive space
          Intel Pentium 1.0GHz or equivalent
          DirectX 9 (or above) feature-compatible video and sound card
          3D accelerated video card with 32 MB (or more) RAM
          256 MB RAM

          Optimum System Requirements;
          Intel Pentium 3.0GHz or equivalent
          Dual Core 2.4GHz CPU
          1 GB hard drive space
          3D accelerated video card with 512 MB dedicated video memory (Pixel
            Shader 3.0 support)
          2 GB RAM