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Fabricante: GREAT PLANES

Great Planes RealFlight G5.5 Upgrade GPMZ4458


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   This is the RealFlight G5.5 Upgrade DVD from Great Planes.

  This product does not include a controller. The RealFlight G5.5 Upgrade uses
  the Interlink Plus Controller (from G3/G3.5) or the Interlink Elite
  Controller (from G4/G4.5/G5). After the upgrade, you'll enjoy the familiar,
            unchanged controller functions that you always had.

  Please Note: The RealFlight G5.5 Upgrade is not compatible for use with the
               RealFlight G2 Interlink Controller.

FEATURES: Upgrades RealFlight G3, G3.5, G4 and G4.5 simulators to the new
            features of G5.5
          Fly with many other RealFlight pilots using your internet
            connection and G5.5's Multiplayer
          More Multiplayer Combat Events including DeadRinger and Hardcore
          Re-orient instantly-if you get lost the Overhead Gadget superimposes
            a site map over the terrain showing your location and the location
            of the runway
          Timer Gadget can be programmed for either countdown or count up modes
            timer can be started/stopped manually or with the throttle stick
          With Sky Grid, overlay a colored grid on the sky to ensure perfectly
            symmetrical patterns and pinpoint entries and exits
          New glider launch options including Bungee Launch and Aero Tow that
            gives you a free tow and release at altitude automatically
          Over 80 aircraft and 30 flying sites
          Water takeoffs and landings
          Full coverage collision detection
          Flight training aids
          Unlimited customizing

INCLUDES: RealFlight G5.5 Upgrade DVD