Helicotper Airwolf 4CH Ready to Fly 8018


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AirWolf ( LIE BAO 8018 ) - 4 Channel Counter-rotating Blade R/C Flying Helicopter
Great Fun ! Flys in all directions, with Yaw left & Right not just up and down !!!
Fantastic looks & smooth flight, great for the intermediate hobby flyer !

This is the latest 2008 AirWolf (LIE BAO) Super model R/C Helicopter
Flies stably and silently indoors and outdoor.
Includes a li-poly battery and charger
.The Li-Po battery enables it to fly lighter and longer.
Complete set, ready to fly.
Only requires 8 x AA Batteries for the transmitter.
Includes an extra set of 2 upper and 2 lower blades.

4 Channel Radio control
Complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down Yaw(straife) Left/Right
New Look Transmitter and fuselage
Improved Mixer/Gyro Control
More Stable Flight, even OK for inermediate flyers to hobbyists
Powerful 2 x 180 motors
Separate servos from mixer for more precise control
Much easier to control than the original LAMA Dual counter rotating rotor withn no need for a tail rotor
Coaxial counter-rotating blades cancel out the rotational torquethat makes hovering a conventional helicopter so difficult
Reliable high quality mixer with built-in gyro board
Factory Pre- assembled ready to fly
Pre-positioned servo mounts for easy set up
Rudder is controlled using variation in speed of each level of the rotor blade
The simplified sliding swash plate to help you have full control
Newly Designed Rotor Head
Digital Proportional Motor Speed Control
Precise controlling and hovering
Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor/Backyard/Park ( for still air conditions only )
Powered by 600mAh Li-polymer battery for a longer flight time
An extra Li- poly battery will help to keep you flying ( see our Ebay store ) !
Good choice for beginner to advanced hobbyist (Ages 14+)
All spare parts and accessories are available
Complete Kit, Ready to fly (Everything is included and assembled -
- only requires 8 x AA batteries for the transmitter to start flying )
With Counter rotating dual rotors for stable flight
Dimensions: 42 x 34 x 18.5cm

Note : The helicopter is labelled LIE BAO as per the first photo

1. Full Function 4ch Remote Controlled
2. Forward, Backward, Up and Down, Left and Right.
3. 4 Channel Radio Control
4. Twin Electric Motors
5. Altitude & Rotor Speed Control
6. Duel Propeller System
7. Stable Hover and Full 3-D Flight
8. Revolutionary Co-Axial Rotor Technology

Function : Up and down, turn left and turn right, move forward and backward, yaw left and right.
Product battery : 7.4V 800mAh LI-POLY(included)
Recharge time : about 1.5h
Flying time : around 5 to 8 minutes
Control distance : LOS ( about 60m )
Control mode : RH throttle
Transmitter batteries : 8 x AA(not included)
Color: As per photo - please note that the wording on the helicopter is LIE BAO
Tail Rotor : None
Motor : 2 x 180
Freq : 40Mhz
Ages : 14+

Note : labelling on the helicopter is LIE BAO as per the first photo
Package includes :
1 x Airwolf 4CH R/C Helicopter
1 x RF Remote Control - needs 8xAAs
1 x 7.4V 800mAh Li-Po Battery
1 x Balanced 7.4V Li-Po charger
1 x Plug pack adaptor ( approved with correct Australian double insulated plug)
note : this photo shows the Euro plugpack, but will be supplied with Australian unit
1 x Manual
1 x set of 4 spare blades ( 2 x A + 2 x B )
1 x mini Screwdriver