Protos Carbon Helicopter Kit (With Motor+ ESC) **NEW CANOPY STYLE MSH51105


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All new Protos kits come with Red/White/Black painted canopy!

New, lightweight, quiet & superbly engineered - the Carbon MSH Protos is 2009's most anticipated new helicopter. Incredible performance & agility.

MSH 500 Protos Specifications
- Stock motor: 800KV, 1100W, 4s-6s
- Speed Controller: MSH 80A
- Mainblade size: 415mm-430mm (Required)
- Maingear: 93T
- Pinion: from 15T to 20T - (15T Included in the kit)
- Innovative single belt drive (motor->main gear->tail)
- 2mm flybar, Gorilla Gear programmable paddles
- 4mm tail grip root
- 17mm OD aluminum tail boom
- Supports mini sized servos having 2 mounting holes or 1 mounting holes
- LiPo from 4S (~3700mAh) to 6S (~2500mAh)
- A123 7S 2300mAh humpback slab pack (2 cells over 5 cells). The auw becomes ~1700g
- Metal hub, metal swashplate, plastic tail box, main grips and tail grips
- Programmable flybar:mainblade ratio
-Carbon Fiber Frames
- The tail grips with integrated Chinese weights so even with a mini size tail servo can have the same performance as a full size tail servo
- Very low risk of static problems  
- Gorilla Gear landing gear