Thunder Tiger Titan X50B Kit w/Carbon Fiber Blades 5855-K10


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 This is the radio controlled, glow powered,
Titan X50B 50 Class 3D Helicopter Kit from Thunder Tiger.

**Additional Technical Info Will Be Added When It Becomes Available.**

FEATURES: CCPM: eCCPM Electronic Cyclic Collective
Main Frame: Carbon, slim profile design 1.2" (30mm) wide, spacious
three deck tray for electronic devices
Rotor Head: Underslung for ultimate 3D performance, with internal
flapping stiffness control system for fast and sharp cyclic and
collective response. Can be set up for any flying style from
aggressive to docile.
Main Blades: Carbon fiber
Canopy: Preprinted fiberglass
Main Shaft: Hardened, 0.39" (10mm) diameter
Main Gear Design: Lightweight and vented
Feathering Shaft: Hardened 0.27" (7mm) diameter
Paddles: Lightweight, 1.06oz (20g) for high-performance 3D
Fin: Carbon

INCLUDES: Heli kit + Carbon Blade

REQUIRES: radio 7ch, 50-55 Engine, Radio TX and RX

SPECS: Fuselage Length: 47.24" (1200mm)
Fuselage Width 7.87" (200mm)
Height: 15.75" (400mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 52.95" (1345mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 10.24" (260mm)
Gear Ratio: 8.5:1:4.56
Total Fuel Capacity: 16.2oz (480cc)
Fully Equipped Weight: 6.83lbs (3150g)