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Delta Ray One RTF


Key Features

100% complete and Ready-to-Fly right out of the box- nothing extra to buy or assemble!

Exclusive SAFE® technology from Horizon Hobby makes it easy to learn to fly

Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced flight modes at the flip of a switch

Easily upgrade to SAFE Plus GPS-enabled drone technology to add AutoLand, Virtual Fence and Holding Pattern features (sold separately)

Lightweight and extremely durable EPO construction with an impact-resistant rubber nose cone

Unique pusher configuration with folding blades for increased propeller and motor protection

Powerful and efficient brushless power system for excellent performance and long flight times

Industry-leading Spektrum™ DSMX® 2.4GHz technology

No FAA registration required (under the 250 gram weight limit)

FPV-Ready with On Screen Display (OSD) when used with compatible cameras and headsets or monitors (sold separately)



The E-flite® Delta Ray® One airplane is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn to fly RC. Its compact size, innovative delta wing design and exclusive technologies combine to deliver an airplane that’s not only incredibly easy to fly, but is also capable enough to help you succeed and go beyond basic flight. The Delta Ray One makes it easier to learn to fly in less time than ever before, and without the need for any experience at all.

The E-flite® Delta Ray One airplane features an innovative delta wing design that provides a futuristic combination of stability and efficiency. And beyond its advanced aerodynamics, it’s also equipped with exclusive SAFE® (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology which makes learning to fly even easier, more relaxing—and most important of all—more fun! Plus, you can easily upgrade to SAFE Plus GPS-enabled drone technology that offers features such as AutoLand and Virtual Fence that makes learning to fly easier and safer than ever. Its compact, ultra-micro size makes it possible to fly in smaller spaces such as parks and soccer fields, while its lightweight construction with advanced EPO material and a rubber nose cone makes it extremely durable. Best of all it arrives 100% factory-assembled and ready to fly right out of the box!

And the fun doesn’t stop after you learn how to fly! The powerful and efficient brushless power system delivers long flight times and provides plenty of speed and power to perform aerobatic maneuvers including loops, rolls and even inverted (upside down) flight. Plus, the delta wing design and low wing loading deliver a very wide flight envelope and incredible handling that even experienced pilots will appreciate and enjoy. For them, the BNF Basic version (EFL9550) is ideal because it allows them to use their favorite Spektrum™ transmitter along with the batteries and chargers they may already own to fly with.


Needed to Complete

Nothing! Everything you need to begin having fun with the Delta Ray One is in the box.


What's in the Box?

(1) Delta Ray One Aircraft

(1) MLP6A 6-Channel SAFE Transmitter

(1) 7.4V 280 mAh LiPo Battery

(1) LiPo Charger and AC Power Supply

(4) AA Alkaline Batteries

(1) Hook and Loop Tape

(1) Double Sided Tape

(1) Product Manual


Video Overview


Ready-To-Fly Convenience

This RTF (Ready-To-Fly) version includes a transmitter equipped with Spektrum DSMX® 2.4GHz technology and everything else you need to fly including AA batteries for the transmitter, a rechargeable lithium polymer battery for the airplane and a charger. That means there’s nothing extra to buy or provide, and because the airplane arrives completely assembled and ready to fly right out of the box, all you need to do is charge the battery and start flying!


Easily Upgrade to SAFE® Plus GPS-enabled drone technology

With quick and easy installation of the optional GPS unit you can add next-level autonomous guidance features that make it even easier to learn to fly. These features are also extremely helpful if you ever plan to fly FPV (First-Person View). With SAFE Plus added you get:


When activated after holding down a button, the advanced AutoLand function puts the Delta Ray One airplane on a stabilized approach to autonomously land near the GPS initialization point. You can even provide some directional guidance to avoid obstacles or to adjust the approach while letting the system do the rest to execute a safe landing. As your skills progress and you gain more confidence you can take over more of the control inputs, eventually learning to land without any assistance from the automated system at all.


This very helpful SAFE Plus exclusive feature lets you essentially "pause" the flight by putting the airplane into a GPS-guided holding pattern. When activated after the quick press of a button, the airplane will automatically return to a position above the GPS initialization point and circle until the command is cancelled with another quick press of a button. It's a great way to safely hand the controls to a friend or to regain visual contact if you ever lose sight of the model.


It's easy to accidentally let an RC airplane fly too far away, but with Virtual Fence worry no more because it creates an invisible boundary the airplane won't fly past. When the airplane reaches this boundary it will automatically turn around and fly back toward the GPS initialization point, then it will wag the wings to let you know when you have control again.


Delta Ray One RTF