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  • Código: 151627
  • Marca: ZURICH
  • Estoque: Disponível
  • $69,99


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Zurich International, manufacturer of Zurich Sunglasses and a leader in anti-glare technology has announced the addition of the new “Pilot EXtreme Glare” model sunglasses to their product line. They look great on both men and women. Get superior protection from these Extreme Glare Sunglasses with the same Swiss Technology. Combined function and fashion for your convenience is available. Engineered for flexibility and durability, your Pilot EXtreme Glare Sunglasses will fly with you on many an aero adventure.


  • Blocks Original Extreme Glare in Bright Conditions.
  • Works better than polarized lenses in the sun’s glare.
  • Blocks out UV-A (98%), UVB (100%) Infrared (65%), Blue & Flat light.
  • Has 180 degrees wraparound lens, allows excellent peripheral vision.
  • Optically ground lenses from top to bottom & from side-to-side.
  • Amazing clarity of vision...you see crisper & clearer.
  • Comfortable, lightweight & shatter proof.
  • Protective scratch resistant coating.
  • Floats with add-on “i-Float” strap.
  • Fits under most helmets.
  • Ventilated to resist fogging.
  • No metal hinges to corrode.
  • No screws to vibrate loose.
  • Protects contact lens wearer.
  • Will not melt in summer’s heat.
  • Will not become brittle in cold weather.
  • Clip-on floating case included with glasses.
  • Protects sensitive eye area from wrinkling (by shielding the eye area from damaging UV rays), and eliminates unnecessary squinting.
  • Two (2) year warranty on accidental breakage.


Gray Lenses

Gray lenses are best for blocking glare in bright, sunny conditions without changing the natural colors of things. They are also great fashion accessories that go with any type of getup in any color. For aviators, color distortion can affect their performance while they are on the job. They need sunglasses that will enhance their vision in terms of color recognition and depth perception. That is exactly what they are getting from our variations of prescription and aviator sunglasses.


Rose Lenses

Rose lenses work best in hazy, cloudy, smoky, foggy, or dull light conditions. The rose lens will accentuate colors to make all colors more vibrant while giving the wearer better color definition, depth perception, and more contrast.


Super Dark Lenses

“Super Dark lenses” are for special purpose only. The Teal Super Darks are 5% darker than our Fashion Lenses. These were developed specially for persons with ultra-sensitivity to light. They shield sensitive eyes for more comfort and better protection while ensuring good visibility in strong sunlight. The variations of prescription and aviator sunglasses in our product line minimizes scattered blue and violet light.

Zurich International (Zurich Sunglasses) pays for a higher shipping rate to guarantee that you will receive your Zurich Sunglasses, no matter what happens in the shipping process…like theft, loss, or breakage. We also have prescription aviator’s sunglasses for clearer vision that meets the standards of the Federal Aviation Administration.



All the features of the Original Extreme Glare Sunglasses protection.

Extreme Glare Swiss Technology in your own frames.

Extreme Glare Sunglasses with your prescription.

For most pilots or aviators, it is important to have the right type of sunglasses as well as the right prescription glasses, thus the need to choose from different variations that will suit specific needs and particular demands. A pilot’s most important sense is vision; that is why the Federal Aviation Administration is strict when it comes to proper and improper usage of sunglasses.

Extreme Glare Sunglasses are made to fit these specific needs. For aviation safety, laser corneal refractive surgery is needed by some applicants to have one eye corrected for distance and the other the opposite. After such procedures, the airman is required to wear glasses for a period of six months. Our company has great variations of prescription aviator sunglasses that are fit for aviation use. When operating an aircraft, peoples’ lives are at stake, there is no room for mistakes. Even the slightest risk is not acceptable.

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