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  • Código: 193474
  • Marca: E-FLITE
  • Estoque: Disponível
  • $29,99


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Fully-assembled, no building necessary

SAFE® technology makes it easy to enjoy RC flight and aerobatics

Flip 180–360° in any direction at the press of a button

Fly inverted without having to learn complex control input

Colorful LEDs and high-contrast body help maintain orientation

Tough yet lightweight composite airframe with durable blade guards

Reversible coreless motors deliver positive and negative thrust

Ultra micro 4-in-1 DSMX® receiver/ESCs/mixer/SAFE sensor unit

Replacement rotor blades (included) keep you flying

E-flite® 200mAh 1S 3.7V 30C Li-Po flight battery included

Compact USB Li-Po flight battery charger included

Multi-function 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter with Spektrum™ DSMX technology included



Nothing! Everything you need to get the Nano QX 3D RTF in the air is included in the box. Just charge the battery and you’re ready to fly!





The ultra micro Blade® Nano QX 3D quadcopter breaks the barriers of maneuverability by making high-speed flips, hair-pin turns and inverted flight simple to perform. Intuitive SAFE™ technology delivers smooth flight, self-leveling and multiple flight modes. Clever design and reverse motor technology allows the Nano QX 3D to be strong and light, so there’s almost no penalty for error if you practice aerobatics over plush carpet or soft grass—you’ll have a blast!

Aerobatics Made Easy

SAFE® (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology is a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system. This intuitive technology allows the Nano QX 3D to battle windy conditions so that performance is consistently smooth. Regardless of pilot skill level, there’s a flight mode available to suit the way you want to fly instantly.

Stability Mode
Pitch and roll limits are locked to offer a limited flight envelope while electronic self-leveling offers positive stability the instant you release the sticks. You can also flip 360° in any direction at the press of a button.

EVO Mode
Evolve your flight routine at the press of a button with the ability to flip 180-degrees from upright to inverted and back again with ease. The flight controls stay the same, regardless of orientation. Self-leveling and flight envelope limits are maintained.

3D Agility Mode
A true 3D flying experience that offers full-range maneuverability with no self-leveling assistance. When flying upright in this mode, 0–50% throttle is negative thrust and 51–100% is positive thrust.





Rotor Type: Quadcopter

Size/Scale: Ultra Micro

Completion Level: Ready-to-Fly

Main Rotor Head Type: Multi-Rotor

Main Blade Material: Plastic

Main Motor Type: Brushed

Battery: 200mAh 3.7V 30C LiPo

Length: 130mm (5.12 in)

Height: 42mm (1.65 in)

Width: 130mm (5.12 in)

Main Frame Material: Plastic

Canopy/Body Material: Plastic

Flying Weight: 1 oz (27g)

Approx Flying Duration: 5 minutes

Number of Channels: 5

Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

Is Assembly Required: No

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